Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is known as the crab. Different zodiac signs tend to attract others that have some sort of similar quality or characteristic. If you're thinking about dating someone born under this sign, you'll want to know their traits and quirks.

Keep reading this post to learn about the top 8 things about dating a Cancer man or woman.

In this post you will find out what it's really like when it comes to dating a Cancer man and dating a Cancer woman. This is part of a small series I've written that showcases the love compatibility of the different zodiac signs, so make sure you pay attention and don't forget toclaim your free reading.

1. Cancerians Are Possessive of Their Relations

Cancer is a sign that is very possessive about their loved ones. They want to commit, cherish, and protect their loved ones with their whole hearts, and they want to be treated the same way in return. They will want to be seen with you, and they will want you to be around their friends and family.

They are very close to their family, so they will want to know if you have a strong relationship with your family too. If you don't have a strong relationship with your family or if you have a bad history with them, a Cancer will be upset that you haven't made amends. If you have a great relationship with your family, you will definitely impress a Cancer.

Due to their possessiveness, they tend to be very protective of those close to them, especially if they are family members or significant others. It's important for them to feel like the people in their lives can trust them completely and that there is no risk of being judged or criticized at any time.

2. Cancerians Puts Others before Themselves

A Cancer will likely put their partner and loved ones before themselves. They are likely to put any job they have on the back burner if it is causing too much stress in their lives, and they may even quit their job entirely if it's too difficult to balance with their loved ones.

If you are dating a Cancer, you need to be careful not to get in the way of their loved ones or responsibilities. They will likely want to spend a lot of their free time with you, but they will also want to spend time with their family and friends. They will want to make sure they have time to devote to those important to them.

3. All They Need Is Quality Time

Cancers are not really the sort of people who need large quantities of time. They would much rather spend a small amount of time with someone they love and cherish than an entire day having fun with a bunch of different people.

They are likely to find large family gatherings chaotic, annoying, and overstimulating. They are the type of people who would rather have a quiet dinner at home than go out to a loud bar with a huge group of friends. If you can let them know that you love and cherish them, all they need is a small amount of time with you to be happy.

4. Home Is The Best Place For Them

Cancers are likely to be very home-centered people. They are likely to enjoy making their home beautiful, cozy, and inviting. They will likely love to cook, so you can expect them to be a wonderful host and cook for you.

They are the type who is most comfortable at home, so you can expect them to want to stay in and relax with you. They are a very cuddly sign who enjoys being close to their loved ones, so you can expect them to want to cuddle with you on the couch or in bed.

5. They Are Born Foodies

Cancers are born foodies. They love to eat, and they love to try new foods all the time. They may have a favorite type of food, but they are also likely to be open to trying new dishes. They may also be very interested in how food is grown and prepared.

You can expect them to want to try out new restaurants and visit local farmers' markets with you. So for a Cancerian, the best date is the one where you two try a new restaurant or eat a new dish. If you want to impress your Cancerian partner, surprise them by cooking new dishes every now and then.

6. Their Mood Swings Are Confusing

Cancers are very moody people. One day they might be incredibly happy and cheerful, and the next day they might be incredibly sad and withdrawn. They are likely to go through a wide range of emotions over a short period of time, so you will have to be patient with their mood swings.

They may be able to explain why they are always feeling a certain way, so you should be patient with them. If you are dating a Cancer, you will likely have to learn how to deal with their mood swings and be as supportive as possible.

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7. They Often Hide Their True Feelings

Cancers are very likely to hide their true feelings. They are overly sensitive and feel things deeply, but they want to appear strong and stoic. They may say that they are feeling fine and that nothing is bothering them, even if they are going through a lot. You should be patient with them and not push them too hard to talk about their feelings.

They are often good listeners and can pick up on other people's emotions. While they may be good listeners, Cancerians can sometimes be too quiet and reserved. They may not always feel like sharing their own feelings with others, so it's important for them to talk more about themselves. These people tend not to complain and try to find comfort in what is happening around them. Cancerians also tend to hold back on sharing personal information with others because they don't want to burden others with their problems or concerns.

They can sometimes seem cold or aloof because they don't always show their true feelings. However, it's important for Cancerians to learn how to express their emotions because doing so can help them feel more connected and engaged in life.

8. They Are Very Sensitive People

Cancers are very sensitive people. They are likely to be deeply affected by the world around them. They may be upset by the news, sad from hearing a sad story or angered by images of injustice. They may also be deeply affected by their own emotions, so you can expect them to be a bit moody at times. Their loved ones and the moods of those around them also affect how a Cancerian is feeling. If you are dating a Cancer, you will likely have to be careful not to upset them or affect their mood.

Now that you know about the top 8 things about dating a Cancer, are you ready to date one? What other traits have you noticed while dating a Cancerian before? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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