Dating an Aquarius, Aquarians are one of the most enigmatic characters in the zodiac. They are known for being eccentric, aloof, and independent. These traits can make them difficult to date but also very rewarding if you're able to crack their code.

If you have your sights set on an Aquarius and want to know what you need to know before dating one, keep reading this post! We will reveal thetop 7 things you need to know before dating an Aquarius.

In this post you will find out what it's really like when it comes to dating an Aquarius man and dating an Aquarius woman. This is part of a small series I've written that showcases the love compatibility of the different zodiac signs, so make sure you pay attention and don't forget to claim your free reading.

1. They are social butterflies

Aquarians are the ultimate social butterflies. No matter where you catch them, they always find a way to fit in. They are charming, witty, and able to relate to others with ease.

Because of their ability to charm and relate to others, Aquarians are often found at social gatherings or are the life of the party. If you see an Aquarius trying to join a group of people, you can bet they'll be welcomed with open arms.

They are excellent at making friends and can easily become part of any social circle. They are also great listeners, as they will always be able to relate to what others are saying. They don't mind talking about themselves either, so if you have a problem or need advice, an Aquarius will be happy to help you out.

Aquarians are also very good at giving advice and helping others out. Because they are so in touch with their emotions, they can often see things from another person's point of view, which means they can provide valuable insight into the situation. It is why most people prefer to talk to an Aquarian when they need a friend for advice.

2. They are rigid

Aquarians are known for being rigid in their thinking. At times, they can be almost rigid in their belief that they are correct in all situations. This rigidity isn't always a bad thing, though. When it comes to relationships, this rigidity can be a great thing.

Aquarians are loyal, steadfast partners. Once they've made a commitment to you, they'll stick it out until the end. They're also very set in their ways, which makes them very difficult to sway once they have an opinion.

If you try to change their mind, they'll dig their heels in and get even more stubborn. If you want to keep an Aquarius happy, be prepared to adapt to their ways.

3. They are adventurous

Aquarians are all about trying new things. They don't like to be held back by fear or conventionality. As a result, you'll find many Aquarians who travel the world, start their own businesses, or try a new hobby every year.

If you're dating an Aquarius and want to keep them happy, encourage them to seek out new adventures. You can go on day trips to new places, see new things together, or try new hobbies with them. If you can introduce an Aquarius to new experiences, you'll keep them happy and engaged with your relationship.

4. Their freedom comes first

Aquarians are free spirits and can be more independent than other zodiac signs. They are always looking for ways to free themselves from their circumstances and have a strong sense of self-determination. Aquarians are also known to be nonconformists, so they are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. However, they can sometimes struggle with feeling overwhelmed by life, as they have a tendency to take on too much responsibility.

Freedom is very important to Aquarians. They need time alone to recharge and feel like themselves. If you try to smother them with your affection, they may get irritated and push you away. To keep an Aquarius happy, give them space when they need it.

Aquarians are social creatures and love spending time with people. But, they need time to themselves so they can regenerate their energy and feel like themselves again. You'll be a much better partner for an Aquarius if you respect their need for freedom and solitude. You have to give them their personal space and avoid being too clingy with them. Too much attachment and dependency will drive them away, and we don't want that, right?

5. They don't give up easily

Aquarians don't give up easily on anything. Once they've got their mind set on something, they'll push hard until they reach their goal. They're goal-oriented and driven people.

If they're dating you, they've decided you're a goal worth attaining. They're not going to give up on you easily, especially if they've already invested a lot of time in the relationship.

If you've been dating an Aquarius for a while and decide it's not going well, you'll probably feel their push towards keeping the relationship going. Be prepared to put some distance between you and the Aquarius if you don't want to be tied down.

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6. They are drawn to trying new things

One of the best things about dating an Aquarius is that they're drawn to trying new things. They are constantly seeking out new experiences and will try anything at least once. They like being the first person to do something and love seeing how others react to their actions.

They will often be the first ones on their block to try out a new activity, whether it is a new food or a new hobby. Because of this, they can sometimes be very adventurous, even if they don't always know what they are doing.

You can always find them at the latest party, trying a new club, or signing up for a new class. Dating an Aquarius is never boring.

If you like trying new things, you'll get along swimmingly with an Aquarius. If you're the type of person who likes to keep things the same and doesn't like to try new things, you may have a hard time dating an Aquarius. They're always going to want to do something new and different. If you're up for the challenge, dating an Aquarius will be a lot of fun!

7. They are more cerebral than sentimental

Aquarians are more cerebral than sentimental. This means that they'll often base their relationships on logic and reason.

They tend to be more detached from their emotions and feel more comfortable with solitude than connection. They focus on self-awareness, thinking deeply about their thoughts and feelings, and are more interested in understanding the world around them. In fact, they may be too intellectual for some people's tastes! They can also have a hard time expressing themselves, which can make them seem distant or unfriendly at times.

They find it easier than other signs to see things objectively, even when others would see things through their emotions. Because they lack a sense of emotional attachment, they are more likely to forgive and forget than other people. But at the same time, they can sometimes be too quick to take things personally or react emotionally.

Now that you know the top 7 things about dating an Aquarian, you can ask out your Aquarius crush! Have you ever dated an Aquarian? Did you notice a pattern in their dating style? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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