2023 is only a few days away. We've seen some incredible technological advancements over the past few years, and the future looks even brighter. But can you guess what will happen next year?

Well, we don't know about you, but this self-proclaimed time traveller claims to know about the future and has made some wild predictions for 2023.

From people falling from the sky to a mega tornado, this time traveller's predictions for 2023 are sure to be intriguing. So, what does he have to say? Keep reading to find out more about his predictions.

If you're on TikTok, you've probably seen Eno Alaric. He's a self-proclaimed time traveller who has made a name for himself by making predictions about the future.

He claims that he is a time traveller from the year 2671 and now has information on many upcoming global events.

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According to him, these 6 things are going to happen next year.

6. Plane Going Missing

Eno Alaric has made a prediction that has gotten people talking. This time, he says that a plane will go missing near the Bermuda Triangle.

While this may seem far-fetched, it's worth noting that Eno has correctly predicted several major events in the past, including the outbreak of Covid-19 and the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States. So, could he be onto something with this latest prediction?

Whether or not Eno's prediction is accurate remains to be seen, but it's certainly possible that a plane could go missing near the Bermuda Triangle. After all, the area is notorious for strange occurrences, and many planes and ships have mysteriously vanished there over the years.

So, while we wait to see if Eno's latest prediction comes true, keep your eyes peeled for any news about planes disappearing near the Bermuda Triangle. It just might be the next big story.

5. People falling from the sky

Eno Alaric predicts that seven people will suddenly fall from the sky with no warning and nothing in sight to prevent them from falling. He also said that there would be nothing hovering above in the sky from where these people will fall down. In other words, these people will come out of the blue.

Some interpreters say that these 7 people might be some of those from the plane that will go missing, according to Alaric's prediction. Can you connect the dots? 7 people fall to Earth when nothing is visible. Sounds like the second part of Eno's prediction for the Bermuda Triangle's plane.

Alaric made this prediction for the exact date of June 18th. He said that as soon as this date struck, these people would fall from the sky.

He also said that these people would not be saved. When they fall from such a height, they will die the very instant they hit the ground. This is why no one will be able to ever find out who they are, how they fell, and from where did they fall. He did not even mention the name of the place where this event will take place, so it can be anywhere from the crowded city of the US or on a deserted island.

4. A Strange Message

According to Alaric, in 2023, a strange message will be heard from the ocean. This message will be heard all around the world, even in the remotest parts of the world that are far away from the oceans, hidden among the dry plains. This message will not be heard for long, but it will be enough to scare the entire world.

There is no telling what this message will be or who will deliver it, but it is speculated that it will be a warning of some sort. Alaric also says that this event will mark the beginning of something grave and destructive and that it will happen in our lifetime.

This prophecy has not been confirmed by any other source, so it remains to be seen if it is true.

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3. A War across the Sea

In one of his recent posts on TikTok, Alaric made a prediction about the end of the Ukraine-Russia war. He said in the post:

"March 2023, the war between Ukraine and Russia will end, but a new one will begin across the sea."

If the prediction is correct, what would the new war be between? Even so, it is worrisome; it is also relieving to hear that the Ukraine-Russian conflict is coming to an end.

And who knows, the new war that will begin in March 2023 would be between the United States and Russia because "across the sea" from Russia is the USA.

If the prediction is true and if a war really starts, it would be an ugly one. Both countries are nuclear powers, so the war will bring destruction on a global level.

The United States and Russia disagree on many topics and issues, like the Ukrainian crisis, the Syrian conflict, and the question of Crimea. The US was against Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014, and this has led to long-term tension between the two states.

2. Tornado in Kansas

Heard of the movie Twister? Well, in case you haven't, it's a movie about a group of scientists who chase tornadoes. It is a horrifying movie depicting how damaging and lethal a tornado could be, even for a big city.

It looks like this prediction is about to come true. According to Alaric, a horrifying tornado is going to hit Kansas in February 2023, and it could kill thousands. He says that the tornado will be so powerful that it will be like a tsunami of wind.

This is obviously a very serious prediction, and it's one that we should all take seriously if the weather forecast also predicts it. If you live in Kansas or anywhere near Kansas, you need to be prepared for the worst. Make sure you have a plan in place in case the tornado does hit. And most importantly, stay safe!

1. US Navy Encounters Aliens

In another shocking post, Alaric claimed that the US navy would soon encounter an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

According to Alaric, the encounter will happen within the next few months and will take place in either the Pacific or Atlantic oceans.

While it's still too early to say for sure, Alaric's prediction certainly seems plausible. There have been many unconfirmed UFO sightings around the USA. Given the recent increase in these sightings, it's certainly something that the US navy will be keeping a close eye on.

So, guys, these are the 6 big predictions made by Eno Alaric for 2023.

What do you think of Alaric? Is he really a time traveller, or is he just a lucky guesser?

There's no way to know for sure, but one thing is certain: Eno Alaric is one of the most interesting people on TikTok right now. If you think his predictions will come true next year, comment down below and let us know.

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