Cat breed most compatible with your zodiac sign...Did you know each cat breed has a different nature? Yes, it's not just humans with different personality traits. So, if you are thinking of buying a cat, what could be better than getting one that matches your personality?

Join us today to learn what are the best cat breeds for each zodiac sign and what makes them a suitable match.

Aries - Abyssinian

The Aries is the most adventurous and demanding zodiac sign, and Ariesians need a cat that can share their adventurous personality and vivacious spirit. That's why Abyssinian cats are the top contender for the Aries sign.

Abyssinian is one of the oldest cat breeds. These cats are active and energetic and will never let you get bored in the house. You will always find them trying different things, like climbing on the bookshelf, swishing its tail, and playing with soft toys. This kitty is not scared of anything, so be ready to get surprised by its little tricks.

Taurus: American Shorthair

Taurus are naturally loyal people with calm personalities. They are also introverts who like to stay in their own space and do not depend on others. The American Shorthair cat breed is the perfect match for Taurus' personality. These cats are laid-back companions that do not bother you much for attention.

These cats are loving, intelligent, and moderately active. They will keep you in good company without irritating you. Because of their calm and good behaviour, they quickly win people's hearts.

Gemini: Siamese

Gemini people are known to be two distinct-sided persons. They love to party and hang out with people, but they also want space and boundaries. For Geminis, the Siamese cat breed is the best match. These are social, vocal and curious cats. This cat will change its mood as yours will change. It gets in the fun party mood when you want to play, and it gets calm and composed when it senses you are not in the mood to play. It is a unique behaviour we get to see in any cat, which is why Siamese is known to be the most intelligent cat breed.

Cancer: Somali

Cancer is a zodiac sign of highly emotional people. They are affectionate, caring, loving, and empathetic. They need a cat that is as sensitive as them, and a Somali cat will be their best companion.

Somali cats are highly-intelligent, playful, adaptable, and attention-seeking. The last personality trait is what makes them a perfect match for Cancerians. These cats keep budging their owners to provide them with all the attention and affection. You won't mind this behaviour if you are a Cancerian because you love being on the to-love side.

Leo: Persian

Leo is believed to be the leader of all zodiac signs. They are bold, confident, and passionate. They need a cat that is royalty itself; therefore, a Persian cat is a perfect pet for them. These cats have regal blood and are the favorite cat breed of Queen Victoria and other British royal members.

Persian cats are the lap-cats that prefer to be the center of attention. They are reserved, calm, and independent cats. Therefore, they are best-taken care of by Leonions because they treat these cats like real royalty.

Virgo: Maine Coon

Virgos are practical and dedicated people who are not scared of commitments. It is why they can handle a high-maintenance cat like Norwegian Maine Coon. These cats are playful, gentle, and friendly. They may sometimes need you to walk them to the nearest park. So, owning a Norwegian Maine Coon cat may seem like owning a dog. These are the most dog-like cats that will become your loyal and playful partners.

Another great thing about keeping a Maine Coon cat is that these are great hunters. This cat will make your house free of mice and rodents!

Libra: Russian Blue

Libras are smart, reserved, and compassionate people. They are introverted and want to spend most of their time alone. So, the best match for them is the Russian Blue cat. This cat is loyal, calm, and playful, and it is fine with being alone, which is a perfect thing for Libras. Other than this, this cat is loyal and intelligent and will enjoy the company of its loving owner.

Scorpio: Scottish Fold

Scorpios are creative, fearless, and bold people, and they need a cat breed that is equally fiercely loyal as themselves. Therefore, Scottish Fold cats are a perfect match for them. These are cute cats that have naturally folded ears due to a genetic mutation, and these folded ears give these cats an owl-like appearance.

Scottish Fold cats are intelligent, attention-seeking, and people-oriented. Scorpio will consider taking care of these cats as a challenge and definitely succeed in it.

Sagittarius: Sphynx

People from the Sagittarius zodiac sign are smart, loyal, and compassionate. They love treating others with love and showing them affection, so the perfect cat breed for Sagittarius is the Sphynx cat.

Sphynx cats are loyal, attention-seeking, and lively, and Sagittarius will love taking care of them. Moreover, these cats do not like to stay alone; they enjoy keeping their owners company and making them laugh by doing little tricks.

Capricorn: Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats are extraordinarily social and highly active. They prove to be a perfect partner for Capricornians who are ambiverts. They are extroverts but enter into their introverted zone when they are sad or upset. When this happens, their Devon Rex cat is there to lift up their mood and remind them to be happy again.

Devon Rex cats are also great with other pets. So, if you have more than just one pet at home, this cat will find no difficulty in adjusting and becoming friends with everyone.

Aquarius: Birman

Aquarians are clever, creative, and energetic. They also have a loving nature. We believe Birman cats are the best cat breed for Aquarians. Let us tell you why.

These cats are active and playful, so they keep their energetic partners busy. These cats are also creative in coming up with different ways of playing with their owners without being too nosy. Moreover, these cats are loving and loyal, just like their Aquarian owner. That's why a Birman cat would never be a bad choice for an Aquarian.

Pisces: Pixiebob

Pisces are emotionally-sensitive and sympathetic people with good memory and creative imagination. The best cat breed for such empathetic people is Pixiebob.

The Pixiebob cats are known to be active, intelligent, and relaxed cats. They have a sharp memory, so they do not forget the members of the house. Plus, these cats stay relaxed and allow their imaginative owners to get lost in their dreamy world. You can have all the personal space you want; Pixiebob will not seek much of your attention.

There you have it, the best cat breeds for all 12 zodiac signs, Cat breed most compatible with your zodiac sign.

Does the cat breed mentioned in the list match your personality? Which cat are you planning to get as your new pet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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