Have you ever heard of Debbie Malone? She is a psychic who has been working with law enforcement agencies to help solve some of the most complex murder cases out there.

Yes, you heard that right - a psychic solving crime!

It might sound like it is just a rumor to you, but Debbie's work is very real and has helped bring justice to many victims and their families.

In this post, we will explore the fascinating world of psychic investigation and learn how Debbie's unique abilities have helped solve some of the most baffling murder cases of our time.

So, grab some popcorn and get ready for an eye-opening ride!

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Case #1

In February 2003, Maria Scott, a prostitute, went missing. Due to her occupation, her case was brushed aside by authorities as a suicide and did not receive much investigation.

For five years, Scott's whereabouts remained a mystery until 2008, when the case was reopened and Australian spirit medium, Debbie Malone, was brought in to help.

Malone's unique abilities as a psychic medium were soon put to the test when she channeled Scott's ghost.

Malone was given a bangle that had been found on Scott's body, hoping that it would help her provide some insight into the case. Surprisingly, just by holding the object, Malone was able to pick up specific details about the case.

Malone revealed that Scott had been murdered by stab wounds on an Australian farm. This vital information led authorities directly to Scott's body, where the murder weapon, a knife, was also discovered.

The discovery of Scott's body was a significant breakthrough in the case that had remained unsolved for years.

During her consultation with the detectives on the Maria Scott case, Debbie Malone made a strange revelation. She told them that she could feel the spirit of the killer walking through her.

This was unusual because Malone normally experienced this sensation only when communicating with ghosts. Her statement helped to confirm the authorities' suspicion that Mark Brown was the perpetrator of the crime.

The reason for this was that Mark Brown had been a suspect in the case from the beginning. His suicide four years prior to Malone's involvement in the case had fueled speculation that he was involved in the murder.

When Malone stated that she could feel the spirit of the killer walking through her, it added to the mounting evidence against Brown. This revelation helped investigators close the case for good.

Case #2

The discovery of an unidentified skeleton in St Helens Park, a suburb in Sydney's southwest, left investigators puzzled since its discovery in May 2001.

Despite years of investigation, authorities were unable to determine the victim's identity or those responsible for his death. That is when Detective Inspector Matt Craft decided to enlist the help of Debbie Malone.

Malone witnessed the final moments of the victim's life in a vision. She saw three men pushing and shoving a fourth man outside a green warehouse, with the attack quickly escalating into slaps, punches, and eventually, a fatal stabbing.

She followed the attackers as they transported the victim's body to a remote location and dumped it against a tree stump before fleeing the scene. The victim turned out to be an egg farmer with a small frame and was no match for his attackers.

As Malone conducted her reading, she was drawn to a tree trunk in a nearby gully where the remains were discovered. She claimed to sense the victim's presence and described his appearance, including a flannelette shirt, King Gee trousers, black boots, high cheekbones, sleepy eyes, and brown, straight hair.

Forensic evidence suggests the man died in the mid-1980s, and Malone believes he was murdered after a dispute within the egg industry. It was a dramatic end to the case that was finally closed due to Malone's visions.

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Case #3

In January 1982, Lyn Dawson, a registered nurse and devoted mother of two, disappeared from her home in Bayview, Sydney. Her husband, Chris Dawson, a school teacher, told authorities that Lyn had walked out on him and their marriage. However, their marriage was in trouble, with Chris having an affair with a babysitter and former student, Joanne Curtis.

Following Lyn Dawson's disappearance, Joanne Curtis moved into the family's home and became the stepmother of the couple's two daughters, Shanelle and Sherryn. Curtis later married Chris, and they had a daughter named Kristen.

At the same time, police kept searching for Lyn. But despite extensive searches, Lyn was never found, and the case remained unsolved for years. Two coroners eventually ruled that Lyn was likely dead and recommended that her husband be prosecuted for her murder. Chris has always denied any involvement in his wife's disappearance and has never been charged with any crime.

In 2003, an episode of ABC's Australian Story about Lyn's disappearance aired, and psychic medium Debbie Malone claims she felt an immediate connection with Lyn after reading it. Malone claims that Lyn began speaking to her and providing her with details about her disappearance and ultimate fate.

Malone believes that Lyn was murdered and buried under lime and carpet on the Bayview property she shared with her husband, possibly near a retaining wall.

Malone has also suggested that Lyn can see her husband's public distress over being blamed for her murder and is enjoying the spectacle.

Despite her claims and the recommendations of the coroners, Chris Dawson has never been charged with Lyn's murder.

Malone has also worked with Lyn's family to help them find answers about what happened to their loved one.

These were just some of the most important cases Debbie Malone solved for the police. There are many, many more where her psychic abilities helped bring closure to the families of those who lost someone.

Have you followed any other cases solved by Debbie Malone? Share with us in the comment section below.

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