Charming and charismatic, I’m not surprised that you’re crushing on a Leo. A lot of people think it is impossible to get a Leo to chase you. They are so confident and don't like to be the ones who pursue, they enjoy being chased..

But with some sneaky psychological tricks up your sleeve, you can be the one who is being chased by the Leo.

If you know their love language then they will like putty in your hands, they will chase you like a dog chases a ball when you play fetch with it.

In today’s post, we will tell you the 10 secret tricks and make sure you stay till the end.. because we have saved the best till last

So, if you are curious to know… keep reading and make sure you stay till the end.. because we have saved the best till last

But before that, comment down below and let us know if you are crushing on a Leo.

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Lets get down to the brass tacks

10. Be wildly flirty

The key to getting a Leo to chase you is to be wildly flirty.

Leos love competition and they love it when people flirt with them. That way, they know they have an effect on people. So, make sure you are doing both verbal and nonverbal flirting.

But when you do it, be sure to do it in a playful way. You don't want to come across as desperate. You need to flirt with your eyes, your body, and your touch. Leos love all three of those.

Flirt with your words too. When you are texting or talking to them, be sure to sprinkle in some saucy, teasing and flirty comments.

9. Play a little hard to get

If you are the type of person who likes to jump in too quickly, you may want to tone that down when trying to get a Leo to chase you.

Leos love the hunt and will get bored if you give in too quickly. To get them to continue the chase, you will have to play a little hard to get. That way, you will keep their interest, and they will want you more.

You can do this by waiting a little bit before you respond to their texts or calls. Or, you can schedule your dates at a later time.

Leos are natural lions, and they love it when you play hard to get. It makes them feel like they are the king of the jungle.

8. Keep them guessing

Leos have a lot of personalities, and they are amazing creatures, but they are human, and they have flaws. One of those flaws is that they can be very impulsive.

So, if you keep them guessing about your feelings, they will not know what to do. It will drive them crazy because they like to be in control.

You can keep them guessing by not letting them know what you are thinking. Or you can keep your options open.

So, if you are crushing on more than one Leo, don't give them any indication. They will love getting frustrated and trying to figure you out.

7. Do a spontaneous activity together

Leos are not people who are into doing stuff that is boring. They love adventures and experiencing new things. That’s why you need to do a spontaneous activity with them.

You can plan a date and then after, do something spontaneous. Or, you can go on a date and then, spontaneously do something else. They will love that you are spontaneous and that you are not boring.

Some activities you can do with them are: going to a park and playing a game, going to an escape room, going to the beach, or going on a road trip.

6. Show them they've met their match

If you want to make a Leo chase you, the best way to do so is to play up the fact that you are the “one”.

This can be done in a number of ways, like sending them loving text messages or calling them just at the right time when they need you.

However, the most important thing to remember is that you need to show them how much you love them. When they see this, they will be more likely to start chasing after you.

Before we move on and reveal our next trick to get a Leo to chase you...

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Make sure you stay till the end.. because we have saved the best till last

5. Shower them with compliments

Leos are confident, and they love getting compliments. So, making sure to shower them with compliments is a good idea if you want to get a Leo to chase you.

Leos are also sensitive, and they will love that you have noticed their strengths. That way, they know that you have seen something in them that no one else has.

You can shower them with compliments about their strength, intelligence, and how they look, and anything else you notice about them is a good place to start. You can also tell them what you like about them.

4. Set boundaries for the relationship.

Leos are not the type of people who want to rush into a relationship. They want to make sure that everything is clear and that both parties know what they are getting into.

So, if you want a Leo to chase you, you need to set boundaries for the relationship. It is important that you don't come across as needy. Instead, you should come across as confident and sure of yourself.

You have to be clear about what you want in a relationship and what you aren't willing to do. They will respect you more, and they will know that you are not a plaything.

3. Have stimulating conversations

Leos love to have stimulating conversations. They love to talk about all sorts of topics. So, you can get them to chase you by talking to them.

Show them that you are interested in what they have to say and that you are more than just pretty words. You can talk about relationships, movies, and sports. You can also talk about their passions and what they are interested in.

The most important thing is that you are interested in what they have to say.

2. Chase your own passions

Leos love to be around people who are passionate about what they do. They love to be inspired and to see someone chase after their dreams. So, if you want to get a Leo to chase you, show them that you are also chasing after your passions.

You can show them this by talking to them about your passions and goals. You can also show them by finding ways to pursue your passions.

You can start a blog, write articles, or pursue your other creative endeavors. They will love to be around someone who is always chasing their dreams.

1. Show them your fun, happy side

Leo is not a sign of serious people. They are one of the most energetic, fun, and laid-back you will ever meet in your life. They love people who are always around being super happy and silly.

So, you want to show them that you have a fun and happy side. You can do that by dancing in their presence, playing a game with them, talking to them about your favorite show or movie, or just talking to them about what you want to do for the rest of the day.

This will be enough to grab their attention, and they will come chasing after you!

So, guys, these were the 10 secret tricks to get a Leo to chase you. You just have to do these things, and they will come running after you!

Now it's your turn to let us know if you are crushing on a Leo. Comment down below and let us know!

Thank you for reading… Goodbye!

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