Did you know that your birthday can tell you how many times you have been born in this world? As weird as it might sound, it’s true!

Your birthday has a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. The date you came into this world holds hidden information about how many times you have been born in this world.

So, in this post, we are going to teach you how to calculate your past number of lives.

But before we start, write down your birthday in the comment section, and let’s see what the date holds for you…

The day you were born, the month you came into the world, and even your birth year are all denoted in digits, which is why they are full of secrets about you.

Do you know why? Because numbers are actually a reflection of your soul. Each number associated with you reveals a different aspect of your life.

Which is why we study numbers. Numerology helps us understand the hidden meanings of numbers.

So, let’s use numerology to find out how many lives you have lived based on your birthday.

Take out your pen and paper, and start doing the math.

The first step to calculating your past lives is to add up the numbers that make up your birth date.

It can be a single digit from 1 to 9, or it can be double-digited.

If we were born on a double-digited day, then add the two numbers of your birthdate to get a single digit.

For example, if you were born on the 12th of a month, you have to add the 1 and 2 to get 3.

Now that’s your first number. Write it down.

Let’s move on to the month you were born. You will have a single digit if you were born from January to September. But if you were born in October, November, or December, you have to add their digits to get a single number.

For example, for October, you will get 1 by adding 1 and 0; for November, you will get 2 by adding the 1 and 1 of November, and so on….

After calculating your birth month, you have two digits on your paper: one from your birth date and one from your birth month.

Let’s get the third and final one.

The third digit will come from your birth year. You have to calculate it the same way you did with the previous two.

Add up all the digits of your birth year to get a final number. But the difference here is that you don’t need to get a single digit.

For example, let's say you were born in 1992. Now you have to add 1+9+9+2 to get 21. And that’s your final number. There is no need to further add the 2 and 1.

So, now you have got three numbers. One from your birth date, one from your birth month, and one from your birth year. Let’s do the final equation.

Sum up the three numbers and keep adding their digits until you get a single digit unless you get 11 or 22. In that case, you should stop further addition.

In short, you will get a number from 1-9 and 11 or 22, and that will be the number of lives you have lived!

Amazing to find out, isn’t it?

But the fun doesn’t end here.

This special number that you just got at the end of the equation not only reveals your total number of past lives but also tells us about your personality.

Each number from 1-9 or 11 and 22 has a matching personality, and it will help you understand yourself better.

1: Alpha

Alpha personalities tend to be very intuitive, curious, and open-minded.

People who get the number “1” from their birthdays are alphas. If you also got 1 as your final number, you are a natural leader. You like being in charge, but you also want honest feedback.

You are a very independent person and don’t like being told what to do. You are also very confident and self-assured.

2: Peacemaker

People who get 2 as their final number are Peacemakers. They are naturally peaceful and don’t like confrontation. They are great listeners and have a talent for bringing people together.

They also tend to be very open-minded and like looking at both sides of the story. Moreover, they like being in peaceful and harmonious environments.

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3: Creative

If you got 3 as your final number, it means you are creative. You have a very creative mind and enjoy arts, music, and writing. You are also spiritually minded.

Creatives love to explore their creativity through various mediums. They are very imaginative and enjoy exploring new things. They appreciate the beauty in all its forms.

4: Practical

People who get 4 as their final number are Practicals. They are extremely practical and like to focus on what matters. They like to get things done and don’t like wasting time.

They are very independent and like being self-sufficient. They are also very trustworthy and loyal to the people they care about.

5: Free Spirit

People with the number 5 are Free Spirits. They are very carefree and don’t like being constrained. They also tend to be very sensitive, and one should be careful not to hurt their feelings.

6: Compassionate Soul

If you get 6 as your final number, it means you have a compassionate soul.

These people like helping people in need. They are very caring and gentle. They are also very personable and always happy.

7: Truth Seeker

People who get 7 as their final number are truth seekers. They are very honest and straightforward. They only speak the truth and don’t like lying.

It is because they are confident and self-assured. They stay restless until they get to the bottom of things and are careful when making decisions.

8: The Leader

People who get 8 as their final number are natural leaders. They do not wait for opportunities to come before they take over. They seize these opportunities themselves and make them happen because even if they don't find success, their legacy will live on through others who try their own hand at leadership.

9: The Socially Conscious

Getting 9 as your final number means you are socially conscious. It means you try to be at the forefront of social change. And you have an eye for the bigger picture.

You are able to look past the day-to-day to really get a sense of what works and what doesn't. Moreover, you are willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of your society.

11: Karmic Master

People who get 11 as their final number are born karmic masters. Karmic masters are people who have a very close connection to the spiritual. They are able to tap into other dimensions, travel out of the body, and see things from a higher perspective.

It is a very rare gift that one must be born with. Karmic masters tend to be introverted and keep to themselves, but when they enter their zone of creativity they produce amazing artworks, music, or inventions.

22: Master Builder

If you get 22 as your final number from your birthday, it means you have the personality of a master builder.

Master builders are not necessarily the best engineers or executives. They are simple people with a high level of emotional intelligence.

They do not get intimidated by problems. Instead, they look for solutions in an innovative way. They are people who bring together teams with diverse skills and unify them towards a single goal.

That was all for today!

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