Unforgiving, manipulative, decipeful little swines, yes I might have beef with a Scorpio. This is why it brings me great joy to warn you about the telltale signs that reveal if your Scorpio partner is using you for sex. As you well know, Scorpio is a zodiac sign of mysterious and dark people. Their behavior, their actions, their gestures… everything could be so damn confusing that it might be hard for you to see their true feelings.

Well, buckle up, in this post, we will tell you about those signs!

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9. Won't Meet Your Friends

If a Scorpio is treating you like a piece of cheap meat, it means that they won't make the time to meet your friends. Ever. Some of the lame, decipeful excuses might include:“Sorry hun, I got done for drink driving last night” or “My cat shat itself again, babe” or “babe, why don’t you come over for netflix n chill”. These excuses scream big red flag, your sirens should be on full blast. You're a part of their life, so it should be a two-way street. Most likely, they want to keep you separate from their other friends too.

With a Scorpio, you're probably not an addition to their social circle. They might be keeping you separate from their other friends because they are not ready for you to meet them, or they don't think you're up to the standard.

They might be keeping you separate from their other friends because they don’t see a future relationship with you. They know that they are going to break up soon once they get bored of you.

8. Won't Open Up

Scorpios are notorious for keeping secrets and hiding their feelings. But when it comes to their partner, they never miss sharing every detail with them.

So, if a Scorpio seems secretive, illusive and just won't open up, they are probably using you.

A Scorpio who won't open up will keep you at arm's length, and you'll be kept in their dark, dirty little secret. You will know nothing about them, and they won't know anything about you.

But if you're in a relationship and they want to be more than just sex buddies, they will definitely open up to you. If they don’t, you should probably move on.

7. Leaves You On Read

If a Scorpio leaves you on read, they will likely leave you hanging and not respond to your texts, calls, or Snapchats. They won't answer your emails, and they probably won't acknowledge that you exist in any capacity whatsoever.

If this happens often, they are probably using you. They probably are not looking for a serious relationship. You are just there for them when they want you to be.

They may be using you for sex, but they might be using you for attention as well. They are just using you for whatever they can get from you.

6. Falls Off The Radar

If a Scorpio is not interested in pursuing a relationship with you, they will fall off the radar. They do this just to keep you in the dark. They don't want to be seen with you in public, so they will just disappear.

They may be dating other people and keeping you on the back burner. You may just be someone they will contact only when they want to have sex. If this is how it always happens, you need to break up ASAP!

Before we move on and reveal the next sign your partner is using you for sex...

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5. Hot and Cold

Scorpios are quite bold. They make sure their partner knows about their feelings. This happens only when they are serious about a relationship. When they are just playing around, they never reveal their true intention and instead give mixed signals.

If you feel your partner likes you on some days and is not interested in you on others, it means they are not interested in you at all. They are just playing around and using you for sex.

They may take you places, buy you things, or spend time with you. But you will notice it only happens on selective days. It means they are not looking for a serious relationship, but they want to keep you around because you are useful to them.

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4. Everything is About Sex

“Hey babe, want to netflix n chill?” If your partner talks about nothing with you except sex, it is a major red flag! Instead of building an intimate and deep relationship with you, they are just using you for their physical needs.

They may not want to pursue a serious relationship with all the deep talks because they are not interested in actually dating you. They may just be interested in you for sex. You need to ask them how you fit into their life, and if they don't answer, you should probably walk away.

3. Doesn't Ask About You

If a Scorpio doesn't ask about you, they're probably using you. They don't want to know anything about you, so don't expect them to ask about your day or what you've been up to.

You may be just a part of their life that they don't care about or don't want to know anything about. They may not want to get too involved in your life. It is also likely that they are not considering you to be a long-term possibility.

So, if your Scorpio does not ask about you, it is a sign that you need to part ways with them.

2. Doesn't Listen To You

Scorpios are all ears when they really like you, but when they don't, they will never pay attention to what you have to say. They will even turn a conversation around and talk to you about themselves.

If you are not sure your partner is using you just for sex, you can test their intentions. Let us tell you how.

Start a conversation with them and tell them about your feelings, how you appreciate them, and like them. If they get uncomfortable and try to change the topic, it is clear they don’t want to build an intimate bond with you.

They will also avoid this conversation because they are guilty of taking advantage of you and can’t listen to your pure feelings.

1. Not Affectionate

People of the zodiac sign Scorpio are known to be intense and passionate, but they also have deep emotions. They often crave intimacy and closeness and also give off bursts of emotions.

Unfortunately, this does not happen when they want a serious relationship. They never get affectionate or intimate with someone they are just playing around with.

You need to notice the little gestures from your partner. Notice if they give you a hug out of the blue or hold your hand often. As long as they show some interest in you on a regular basis, it should be safe to assume that this person is not using you.

So, guys, these were the top 9 signs a Scorpio is using you for sex.

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to cut ties with that Scorpio in your life. Do you have a Scorpio partner? Have you ever noticed these warning signs from them? Share with us in the comment section below.

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