Leos have a large appetite when it comes to sex; if you’re not careful, you can get caught up in the crossfire and realise you’re getting used for their own needs. If you're dating or in a relationship with a Leo, then you need to watch this post. We’re about to reveal the red flags you need to watch out for and share tips on how to tell if a Leo is really interested in you for you or if they're just using you for sex.

So pay attention and you'll be able to spot a pervert Leo a mile away!

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Let’s expose the truth of these lions…

9. Makes excuses to meet on outdoor dates

Indoor dates are more comfortable. But it does not mean you always agree on indoor dates and stay-ins. Outdoor dates put you in the position to know the person better in many different aspects.

Normally, A Leo would love to go on outdoor dates with you since they are outgoing people. However, if a Leo is not really interested in you and is using you only for sex, they will prefer to stay indoors with you rather than go outdoors on dates.

They will try to make excuses to meet at your home or ask you to come over to their home.

This can be a stressful and even embarrassing experience because you may not be sure of their intentions. But now you know why your Leo partner has been refusing to go out more often with you. This one is a big red flag! I recommend that you not only suggest but you demand a dinner date with them, or, at the very least, coffee and don’t go back to theirs for the sugar.

8. Detached from You

A Leo is detached from you when they do not consider you a part of their life. They do not invite you to special occasions, they do not see you as part of their plans, and they do not consider you a priority.

They do not tell you what they are doing or where they are going. They do not consider you a part of their life because they are only using you for their sexual needs.

So, if your Leo partner is not emotionally attached to you, you now know the reason.

7. Rude to You

Leos are one of the nicest people when they are in a relationship. They give the sweetest compliments and come up with the loveliest gestures.

However, if a Leo is using you just for sex, they will be nice to you only when they want to have sex. The rest of the time, they will be rude to you. They will disregard your emotions.

Being rude does not just mean shouting. Leos can be rude without ever raising their voice. They can be rude with what they say, how they say it, and how they act. They are being rude when they do not listen to you or acknowledge what you are saying.

When you are speaking to them, they may be looking at what is going on around you. They may interrupt with a comment about something else. They may give you an answer that shows no concern for what you are saying.

This is a big sign they are not really interested in you.

6. Wants to Keep the Relationship Simple

A Leo wants to keep a relationship simple when they have no intention of ever making it more than what it is. You may want to move to the next level, but they have no intention of doing so. This is a sign that they are using you for sex.

They may even say a few words like, “We’ll see,” or, “Maybe later.” They may have a reason to keep it simple such as they have career plans or they just want to have fun. They may feel they have their hands full.We recommend that you take control here and you tell them that you are looking for more and see how they respond. Remember in life you get the treatment that you allow.

5. Stingy With Affection

A Leo is stingy with their affection when they only give you a little of what you really want. They make you wait for what you really want from them. This includes emotional attachment and constant reassurance. They just won’t give it to you since they are not really serious with you.

You may want them to show their affection in a certain way, but they won’t like it. They make you wait for the affection you really want, like a kiss or for them to hold your hand. You may say you want to be kissed, but they make you wait for it.

It’s because they love you only on their own terms. They will love you only when they want their sexual needs to be met.

Before we move on and reveal the sign that proves your partner is using you for sex...

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4. Doesn't Try to Get to Know You

A Leo does not try to get to know you when they are more interested in their own pleasure than getting to know you. When you are with them, they may ask you only a few questions about yourself. You may feel like you are the one asking them questions.

They do not show much interest in what you like or what your interests are. They are only interested in getting to know you enough to use you. They will not feel the need to know about your past, your future plans, or even your current feelings. They will just want you to be there for their sexual desires.

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3. Toys With Your Emotions

A Leo toys with your emotions when they don’t really care about you. They do this on purpose just so that you do not get too attached to them. Because that way, it would be difficult for them to cut ties once they lose interest in you.

They know you are sensitive, so they do things to bring you down a notch.

They may try to upset you with a careless comment. They may do something that makes you cry. It is their way of warning you not to get too attached to them.

2. Makes You Question the Relationship

A Leo makes you question the relationship when they are not really interested in you. It is when they are just using you and do not want the relationship to go anywhere.

When you are with them, you may wonder if this is really the person you want to be with. They don't really want to be with you, but they want all the benefits of being with you.

You may find yourself questioning the relationship because you do not really know if they like you. You do not know what they think about you as a person. You do not know if they are interested in a deeper relationship with you.

1. Avoids You

When a Leo is two-faced, they are avoiding you even though they act like they want to be with you. It is the biggest red flag that they are just using you for their physical needs.

They may say they want to be with you, but they do not make time for you. You may give them the benefit of the doubt and say they are busy, but they never make time for you.

If they are only interested in being with you when they want pleasure and nothing else, it means they are just using you, and you need to get out of that toxic relationship ASAP!

So, folks, these are signs that show a Leo has no real interest in you as a person. They are using you for their own personal pleasure. Have you ever dated a Leo who showed any of these signs? Were they really interested in you? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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