Have you met a hot Aquarius and hoping to play hide the weasel.Well, you probably know that they are a bit of a mystery and it can feel like a game of cat and mouse with them.

Whether you want just a bit of fun or something more but you’re feeling totally clueless about how to approach the situation, don’t worry, because in this video I'm going to reveal the 9 saucy signs that an Aquarius is interested in getting down and dirty with you and if an Aquarius SECRETLY likes you.

We will be going over everything from their body language to the things they say. So pay attention, and you just might find out that the Aquarius you've been crushing on is actually interested in you, too!

Before we get started, comment down below and let me know what your star sign is and if you are secretly attracted to an Aquarius.

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9. Always up for a cheeky chinwag

Aquarius is a sign of talkative people but when they want to see what their crush is packing underneath the sheets they will be more chatty than usual and will love to talk about anything. They love to learn about their potential lovers and are interested in finding out the person's hobbies and interests, they might even try to send some dirty texts.

If an Aquarius is interested in you, they will want to know all your personal experiences, who you are as a person, and what you like and dislike outside the bedroom and inside if you are down for that.

8. Show you their soft side

Aquarius is a sign that likes to be in control of everything. With their friends and family, they always try to control the situation and the conversation. But with their crush they can become soft like putty and melt right into your hands. They want to feel safe and secure and hope that you will reciprocate.

If you are pursuing an Aquarius person, you can expect deep heart to hearts and maybe even see them shed a tear or two because they feel very comfortable around you. If this happens it clearly means they want to hook up with you.

7. They always talk about you

If you feel your ears burning from an Aquarius talking about you, you might as well skip the small talk and get straight to it, because hunny, this Aquarius wants to sleep with you. If you start hearing through the grapevine that they are talking about you from mutual friends then this is a big proof of their interest in you!

They might ask your friends about your whereabouts or your daily schedule. They will find out where you live, what you do during the day or night, and what time you get up in the morning. All this effort means they want to know more about you before making the first move!

6. Take You To Your Favorite Places

If you are into an Aquarius and you notice that they always take you to your favorite places, this is a great sign. Aquarius is a very social person, and they like to be with other people. They like to go out and have fun, but most often, prefer their own fun places.

If you notice that they always take you to your favorite places, this means that they like you and want you to be part of their life. It also means they remember the little details about you, which is kinda sweet, isn’t it?

5. Sends you that Aubergine emoji

One way to tell if someone is interested in you is to look for signs of flirting. Teasing is a playful form of flirting, and it can be a sign that the person likes you. Sending you that aubergine emoji is just one of the ways the Aquarius will go about teasing you.With Aquarius, their teasing may be more subtle than with other zodiac signs, but it can still serve as a sign of interest.

They will tease you about something and then act surprised when you react. They might tickle you in a friendly way or hide your phone, so you cannot call anyone. They might even give you a gift that they have wrapped up in a funny way.

So, if they tease you in any way, you better hint them back about your feelings because they are obviously dying to sleep with you!

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4. Always Eager to meet you

If an Aquarius is really interested in having sex with you, they will be excited to meet you. They are enthusiastic and eager to make plans with you because they want to get to know you better.

If you are interested in an Aquarius, try to be friendly and easy-going when you meet them. If you come off as uptight or nervous, they will be less likely to meet you or even be friends with you.

If you want to attract them more, invite them to every party you go to. This will show them that you are fun and outgoing and will always want to hang out with you. This is what you want, right?

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3. Drops hints for you to surprise them

To an Aquarius, it’s not a coincidence that they consistently mention things that you find attractive. It's a way for them to let you know without being too obvious about it.

If you ever notice that an Aquarius keeps dropping hints about how much they love a brand of shoes or a certain type of food, it's likely because they want you to notice how attractive they find those things and you might want to surprise them with a gift.

This is not a needy behavior but a desire to feel cared for. They believe sharing gifts and giving surprises will strengthen your bond, and there will be a way to sleep with you.

2. They make moves of affection

If an Aquarius is very attracted to you, they will try to make physical moves toward you. This can include flirting with you by touching your arm or leg while you're talking with them or even initiating a kiss with you.

If you notice that an Aquarius is making moves of affection towards you, it's a pretty good sign they're interested in having sex with you. We don’t even need to tell you that!

1. They are fascinated by you

An Aquarius is genuinely interested in you if they are fascinated by your features and what you do. Usually, they'll ask you tons of questions that have nothing to do with the present moment. It's a sign that they want to know you better and want to understand who you are as a person.

If you find yourself constantly talking about your passions and skills, an Aquarius is probably digging deep into your psyche to find out more about you so they can have sex with you.

There you have it! These are the 9 most obvious signs that an Aquarius is interested in having sex with you.

If you've ever been into an Aquarius or if you are currently dating one, you will know that they can be a bit of a mystery. But now you know what they're really thinking when they're around you.

Did you manage to crack the code? Do you think that Aquarius is interested in you? Comment down below and let us know and don't forget to subscribe our channel!

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