Bow chick a wow wow, have you got your beady eyes on a tantalizing Libra and hoping to turn up the heat with them?Libras are known for their ability to read people with just one look, they are always one step ahead, so it’s no wonder so many people find it difficult to crack the code when trying to figure out if a particular Libra is interested in them.

They are extremely perceptive, and they know exactly what signals to give and receive in order to avoid getting hurt while warding off unwanted advances.

So if you want to get down and dirty with a Libra, I'm going to share 9 cheeky signs a Libra wants to sleep with you and how you can play them like a fiddle and if a Libra secretly likes you.

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9. Less guarded around you

Libra is a sign that often feels guarded around others. They unconsciously weigh every word, act, and look they exchange in order to prevent any confrontation, judgment, or disappointment.

If you notice that your Libra crush is less guarded around you, this is a clear sign they feel comfortable with you and may want to get down and dirty with you. They may even open up about things they haven’t shared with others.

If you’ve got a Libra who you are just getting to know, but they seem to be less guarded around you, this is a great sign and could indicate that you are in the clear and you can show them your bedroom skills.

8. Generous with you

If you notice that your Libra is being rather generous, it may be a sign that they are just as keen for some fornicatiton as you are.

Libras are very generous by nature, so if they are trying to buy your affection with expensive gifts, they may actually just be trying to buy their way into bed with you.

However, if they offer you gifts out of the blue and don’t have an ulterior motive, it could be a sign that they are interested in taking things to the next level.

This is especially true if the gift is something you’ve been meaning to get for yourself or if it has personal significance.

7. Overly Happy Around You

Are you with a Libra who seems to be overly happy around you? If so, it could be a sign that you are pushing all their right buttons and making them hot for you.

Although flirting and being happy are two totally different things, they can be difficult to decipher, especially if it’s about a Libra.

If you notice that your Libra crush is happy around you, even if it seems a bit over the top, it could be a clear sign that they’re actually trying to lure you beneath the sheets.

If they are happy when they are around you and smile more than often, they could be letting you know that they want to play bedroom rodeo with you.

6. Engages with Your Social Circle

Do you notice that your Libra is engaging with your friends and family members? If so, this could be a clear sign they’re interested in sleeping with you.

If your Libra crush is trying to get to know the people in your life, they may be trying to see if you are worth their time. They may also be looking to see if you are worth the effort it would take to be with you sexually.

If your Libra's actions are causing tension or drama in your social circle, however, it may not be a clear sign that they want to pursue something serious with you.

5. Sends you the cheeky aubergine emoji

If a Libra reaches out to you when they don’t have to, and sends you that aubergine emoji, it is a clear sign that they’re interested in you sexually.

It might be on Instagram, via text or even Tiktok, or if you get a booty call at 3am and they want to know how you are doing, well it’s obvious now, they just want to hook up!

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4.Praises you

If you notice that your Libra crush is constantly praising you for being smart, funny, or beautiful, it could be a clear sign that they want to sleep with you.

You may even notice that they praise you for things that aren’t true. Sometimes, you may also feel like their praise isn’t genuine. This will show they just want to have sex with you. Nothing serious!

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3. Picks up on small signs

Do you notice that your Libra crush is paying attention to your hair, clothing, or other aspects of your appearance? If so, it could be a clear sign that they want to hook up with you.

If so, they will pick up on the small things, such as the way you dress, the products in your hair, or the way you tuck back your hair when you blush or talk to them.

If they point out those signs, it means they are clearly noticing you closely and want something more from your friendship!

2. Stares Into Your Eyes

Do you know what it means when your Libra is staring at you and not looking away? It is usually because they want to take your relationship to the next level.

The Libra personality sign is known for being flirtatious and seductive, so it's not a surprise that they are always trying to get closer to their partner. If they are staring at you, then it's likely that they want something more than just a casual relationship with you.

Let us give you a tip. Start counting the seconds for how long your Libra crush can stare into your eyes. If they don’t shy away and the counting goes longer than 10 seconds, it definitely means they are attracted to you.

1. Invites You to Their Place

Does your Libra crush invite you to their place often? If so, it could be a clear sign that they want to sleep with you.

If you’re on a date with your Libra crush, and they invite you to their place, now you already know why. It is their signal that they want to sleep with you.

But what if they really like you but are too shy to invite you? There is no harm in asking them yourself.

You can do that by telling them that you have had an amazing time and would like to see where they live. If they are really interested in you, they won’t hesitate to invite you in.

So, guys, these were the 9 clear signs that a Libra wants to sleep with you.

If you’ve been struggling to crack the code with a Libra, these signs will help you determine whether or not they’re interested in you sexually. Now, all you have to do is make the first move and make your move on them. Good luck!

Before you go, let us know if these signs help you with your curiosity by commenting down below. And don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family.

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