Cancerians are hopeless romantics when it comes to sex and relationships. Still, so many people get rejected because they don't know what's going on in that Cancer's head.

But don’t worry, in this video you will learn how to decode their saucy minds because we’re going to reveal the 9 signs that a Cancer wants to play hide the weasel with you and how you can take full advantage.

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9. Spoils you rotten

Cancerians are known for spoiling and pampering their friends and lovers. This is often due to the fact that they can be incredibly sensitive, generous and caring people.

They are the types who, if you broke your leg or lost your job, would bring you a casserole or offer to help you look for a new job.

So, if a Cancerian wants to sleep with you, they may want to spoil you more than others because they care about you more than others.

If this is the thing, you will notice them doing things like inviting you over for dinner, offering to give you a ride to work, or showing up with your favorite brownie and coffee.

Fun fact: If you’re looking for a sugar daddy, well, a Cancer could be the ideal zodiac to target.

8. Your ex-partners are their best and worst topics

Depending whether you want just a rebound after an ex or something more, and if you want a saucy lover to complain about your ex to, well, Cancerians could be the ones to do that with. They have very strong opinions and feelings about just about everything. This can be a good and a bad thing and it could cause a lot of drama with your ex.

They are often great at bringing up and debating your ex-partners, so if it’s a rebound hook up, this could be very therapeutic. However, make sure that they don’t really care about you if you are using them for free therapy.

Because if a Cancerian wants to have sex with you, they will want to know everything there is to know about you, about your past relationships, everything about your ex-partners.

Cancer is a sign of the water element, so they are very emotional people. They don’t just want to know about what your ex-partner was like; they want to know why you broke up and how you felt about it.

7. Wants to meet you in a luxury setting

Cancers are very warm and sensual people. They are lovers of all things plush and comfortable, which is why you will find them in fancy cafes and boogie wine bars often instead of cheap, tasteless bars and clubs.

So, if a Cancerian wants to get in bed with you, first they will want to connect with you in someplace fancy and comfortable. They will want to meet you in a warm setting because they want to make you comfortable because they feel there is nothing worse than meeting a date in a loud and crowded setting.

So, what you need to do is notice if your date wants to talk to you and get to know you without the noise of a club or bar. If so, that’s the signal. Make the move already!

6. Obsessed with romance and dialogue

Romance is a big deal to Cancerians. Whether it be romance in your relationship or romance on your first date, Cancerians are obsessed with romance.

They are known for wanting to do things that are considered more romantic, things as picnics, going to museums, or other activities that might seem more romantic than what other signs might suggest.

Cancerians are also known for being incredibly sentimental. They love poetry, gifts, and writing cards.

So, if you have been getting these things a lot, it is a clear sign that Cancerian wants to sleep with you! No doubt about that!

5. Catches you off-guard in a sexy way

Cancerians like to be in control of the relationship and the situation, but they also like to keep things light and fun. They are often very subtle, but that doesn’t mean they are not intense. They can be incredibly sexy, and they know that they are incredibly sexy people.

So, if a Cancerian has been eyeing you, they might surprise you in a sexy way. They will make you feel like you are being seduced without even knowing it.

They might send you a suggestive text message late at night, or they may send you a flirty text when you least expected it.

If any such thing happens, know that they are trying to sleep with you!

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4. Touches you, intimately

Cancers are very sensual people. Most of them have physical touch as their love language. This is why they love being touched and want to always be in physical contact with their loved ones. So if a Cancerian touches you intimately, you can take it as a sign of interest.

They might stroke lightly against your arm or offer to hold your hand while crossing a road or something not-so-subtle, like hugging you unexpectedly. If they try to touch you intimately in any way, it is an obvious sign they want to have sex with you!

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3. Everything about you is a big deal

Cancerians can be very emotional people, tied closely to their feelings and their instincts. It is why their responses are always emotional.

If they make everything about you a big deal, this can be a sign they want to sleep with you.

They will find everything about you impressive, whether it’s your career, your personality, your appearance, or something else entirely. They will also be very quick to ignore others but never you. You will always be in the spotlight for them. They will always be there to help you, even if it is a minor thing. Because, of course, everything about you is a BIG DEAL!

2. Always stays one step too close

Cancerians like to be surrounded by people and can be very good at initiating contact. If they stay one step too close to you, this can be a huge hint that they want to get in your bed!

This can be everything from sitting in the same seat as you or putting their hand on your knee. This is a sign Cancer wants to be close to you and is using their body language to communicate that.

1. Makes sure everything is Perfect

Cancers like their lives to be perfect, and they wish the same for their partners. They want their partner happy no matter how hard they have to try.

If a Cancerian tries everything in his or her power to make sure you have a perfect day, it is the clearest sign they are interested in you!

This can be anything from cooking you a special meal for dinner to taking you to your favorite restaurant. It can be as simple as getting flowers to make you smile when you are having a bad day.

As long as they're doing whatever it takes to make your life easier, they are sure to be very interested in what you are like.

So, guys, these were the 9 clear signs a Cancer wants to sleep with you. If you notice these, don’t miss your chance and make the first move!

Are you currently dating a Cancerian? Have they been giving any of these signals lately? Let us know in the comment section below and don't forget to subscribe to our channel!

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