Are you dealing with a Taurus who will show up for a day and then disappear for a month… your meetings tend to be quick and easy, like my ex, and you have no idea where you stand. And it’s probably starting to rub your didgeridoo up the wrong way?

If so, don't worry! This post is going to tell you exactly what’s happening!

I will teach you to spot if your Taurus partner is really interested in you or is using you for sex and make sure you stay till the end.. because we have saved the best till last

But before we reveal those 8 red flags, comment down below and let us know if you are currently dating a Taurus and what your star sign is

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Let’s get started…

8. They Criticize You

“You little rat” was one of the many insults barked at me by my Taurus ex lover. Ever heard the phrase, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?" That's how you know they only care about you enough to make you feel bad.

If you have a habit or a certain way of doing things that they don't like, but you do it anyway, they will call you out for it. If you wear something that they don't like, they will call you out for it.

If you are doing something wrong, even if it's something that you do often, they will call you out for it. Taureans who really like you tend to ignore your mistakes and love you as you are.

But if your partner does not do so and criticizes you for everything you do, it means they don’t really like you. It means they are just taking advantage of you.

7. They Never Get Jealous, Ever

Taurus is the sign of stability, and they will expect you to be as grounded as they are. Their jealousy is evidence that they are invested in you. They want you to feel like they are the only person you have eyes for, so they will be jealous when you talk to other people.

The opposite happens when they are not interested in you. They never ever get jealous, you could be snogging the face off someone and they wouldn’t care. They don’t care when you go out with your friends who are from the opposite gender. They don’t care even if your friends hit on you. They won’t feel a thing if you are too close to others.

It all means they just don’t care enough. They are with you just to satisfy their physical needs.

6. They Are Not Romantic At All

If they are not swooning over you in front of other people, they are not romantic with you. Period.

Generally, Taureans are quite romantic with their partners. They love showing affection to their loved ones. They are quite expressive and even do PDA.

But if your Taurean partner does none of that, and peels your arms off them when you try to give them a hug, it just means they are not interested in you.

Another thing to notice is if they are romantic with you behind closed doors. Or if they are romantic with you when they want to have sex. If so, it means they are interested only in your body.

5. They are Still Talking To Other People Romantically

If they are still talking to other people, they are not focusing all their attention on you.

If they are still holding on to other relationships, they are not interested in cutting them loose because they want to be with you or see a future with you.

It means they are not ready to settle down with you. They are with you just to have sex, and once their physical needs are met, they are going to leave you.

So, before they do this to you, you need to do it yourself. Dump them and start finding someone who knows your worth.

Before we move on and reveal the next sign a Taurus is using you for sex...

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Make sure you stay till the end.. because we have saved the best till last

4.They Request Favors From You

Not just sexual favours, any kind of favours. Taureans are independent people. They rarely ask for favors. They prefer to do their tasks themselves. But if they are not interested in their partner, or using their partner, they try to take advantage of them in every way possible.

If they are asking for favors from you, like for you to watch their pets, to take care of their plants, to drop them off at the airport, or to pick up their things, they are using you.

They are not asking you to do these things because they want to spend more time with you. They are asking you to do these things because they want to spend less time with you.

They are requesting your time because they want you to take care of the things they don't want to do.

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3. They Only Call You To Hook Up

Getting calls at 1am? If they only call you to ask you out on dates that lead to sex, they are not ready to be in a relationship with you. If they only invite you over when they want to get intimate with you, they are just using you. They will talk to you to plan a date where you end up in bed together.

These are obvious signs that you need to notice as soon as possible. You need to keep track of the reasons why they call you. If their reasons end up with you two having sex, it is definitely not the right relationship for you.

2. They don't talk about anything personal

Even though Taureans normally don’t open up, they tend to share everything with their partners. They don’t hesitate to share their deepest secrets with the person they care most about.

But when they are not really interested in someone, they don’t feel the need to share anything personal with them.

So, if your Taurus partner never talks about anything personal in your relationship, if they never talk about their feelings, goals, their dreams, or their childhood stories, they are not interested in you.

And if they are not interested in you, it only means they are with you just to have sex.

1. Their body language spells disinterest

If you're trying to figure out if your Taurus partner is interested in you, check out their body language.

When they are not interested in you, they will often back off and avoid contact with you. They will also show signs of disinterest, such as looking away from you or ignoring your conversation.

They will be fidgety, annoyed, and looking around. You will also catch them looking at their phone most of the time.

If they are yawning, they are not interested. If they are crossing their arms, they are closed off to you.

All these signs indicate that they do not want to feel your presence and are with you for their personal needs.

Now that you know the 8 common signs that tell a Taurus is using you for sex, you can find out if your partner is loyal to you. It’s always in front of you; you just have to notice it! Have you ever dated a Taurus? What was your experience like? Share with us in the comment section below.

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