Nostradamus has been a source of fascination since his predictions were published in the 16th century. Many of his prophecies have been startlingly accurate, leading to speculation about his powers of prognostication.

However, some of his predictions have been way off the mark. In this post, we will explore 8 of Nostradamus' predictions that have not gone wrong and have not come true!

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8. The Great War of 2002

A horrifying prediction that Nostradamus made back in 1555 was a great war in 2002. In his book Les Prophéties, he wrote:

"Mars and the scepter will be, in conjunction, a calamitous war under Cancer. A short time afterwards, a new king will be anointed, who will bring peace to the earth for a very long time."

In this quatrain, Nostradamus refers to the alignment of Mars and Jupiter. This alignment, in fact, happened in 2002 on June 21. But the claim following this prediction never came true.

As we can see now, no calamitous war happened. So, what could have possibly gone wrong with this prediction? Well, there can be two reasons, either the prophecy is wrong, or it was interpreted with the wrong meaning.

7. The King of Terror Coming from the Sky

The next prediction on the list is that of the King of Terror coming from the sky. This is one of the most famous Nostradamus predictions. Nostradamus wrote a quatrain that goes:

"In the year 1999, in the seventh month, from the sky will come the great King of Terror, bringing back to life the great King of the Mongols. Before and after, Mars to reign by good fortune."

In this quatrain, Nostradamus predicted the rise of a King of Terror in 1999 who would come from the sky. He predicted that this King would bring back the King of Mongols to life, who was a tyrant in his own time. Even though Nostradamus did not predict a war directly, his words hinted towards a dark time coming. However, no such thing happened in 1999.

6. World War II Air Combat

Another prediction that Nostradamus got wrong was the prediction of great air combat in the skies of Europe during World War II. He wrote in his book:

"They will think they have seen the Sun at night, when they will see the half-pig half-man: Noise, song, battle, fighting in the sky perceived, and one will hear brute beasts talking."

In this quatrain, Nostradamus refers to the masks worn by air pilots. These masks make them look like half-pig, half-man. So, according to Nostradamus's interpreters, he was predicting these half-pig half-man people fighting in the sky in World War II air combat.

We would have believed this prediction came to be true in World War II, but the last part of the quatrain made it highly unlikely. In the last part, he talks about brute beasts talking, but no such thing took place at that time.

5. The Capture of a Persian King by Egypt

Most of Nostradamus' predictions are general and can be interpreted in many ways. However, this one prediction claims the exact time of the event happening. Nostradamus wrote:

"The third climate included under Aries the year 1727 in October, the King of Persia captured by those of Egypt: Conflict, death, loss: to the cross great shame."

In this quatrain, Nostradamus predicted the exact year and month when a certain King of Persia would be captured by Egypt.

However, this is another one of those predictions that Nostradamus got wrong.

This prediction never came true. Even though the relationship between Egypt and Persia has fluctuated over the centuries, both countries are not really good allies.

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4. Turkey Conquering the Balkans

Another prediction that Nostradamus got wrong was the prediction of Turkey conquering the Balkans. Nostradamus wrote a quatrain that says:

"Very much before such intrigues those of the East by virtue of the Moon: the year 1700, they will cause great ones to be carried off, almost subjugating the Aquilon corner."

In this quatrain, Nostradamus is referring to the Ottoman Empire by East and Islam by the word Moon. The word Aquilon is used here to hint towards Anemoi, the Greek God of wind.

According to Nostradamus, Turks would try to take over the Balkans but will be repelled by a Russian emperor.

This prediction has not come true, and it has been widely considered a failed prediction by many. In fact, the opposite happened. Back in 1711, the Turks defeated the Russian army, and both countries stayed at war for another 200 years after that.

3. Oliver Cromwell's Rise to Power

Nostradamus made another prediction about Oliver Cromwell rising to power in England. This prediction goes like this:

"More of a butcher than a king in England, born of obscure rank, will gain empire through force. Coward, without faith, without law, he will bleed the land; His time approaches so close that I sigh."

Nostradamus believers claim that Nostradamus predicted the rise of Oliver Cromwell in this quatrain, but this claim is wrong on so many levels.

First, Oliver Cromwell was never a butcher; he was born into a noble family. Moreover, Cromwell was not "without faith", as Nostradamus claimed. In fact, he was quite religious. So, it is considered a failed prediction.

2, The Great California Quake of 2015

This is the prediction of a great quake in California happening in the year 2015. Nostradamus wrote:

"The sloping park, great calamity, Through the Lands of the West and Lombardy The fire in the ship, plague and captivity; Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading."

This prediction has been the subject of debates, articles, and even TV shows. It has been a controversial prediction because many people have tried to interpret it as the prediction of an earthquake happening in a particular place at a particular time. However, a prediction like this is really hard to make because earthquakes are pretty random events.

Nostradamus interpreters claimed that the earthquake would be of a magnitude 9.8. This high magnitude would have caused unimaginable destruction in the city. Fortunately, no such earthquake occurred in California in 2015.

1. Rome Invaded by Albanians

Nostradamus made a prediction about Albanians invading Rome. He wrote it in a quatrain that goes:

"The Albanians will pass into Rome. By means of Langres, the multitude muffled up, Marquis and Duke will pardon no man; Fire, blood, morbid watering the crops to fail."

The quatrain's meaning is quite clear, leaving the need for an interpreter. According to this quatrain, Albanians were believed to invade Rome, which would have caused a fire, blood, and the destruction of crops.

Luckily, this prediction never came true. In fact, this prediction does not even make sense. Albania and Rome are located on quite the opposite sides of Italy, making it difficult for the invasion to take place. Moreover, Albania has a relatively smaller, less strong military and so there is no way they would have been able to invade the vast and powerful Rome.

So, guys, from the catastrophic California quake of 2015 to the great war of 2002, these are the 8 of Nostradamus' predictions that have failed to materialize.

While Nostradamus' predictions may have missed the mark, his influence remains strong. His words still captivate readers and spark debate centuries after his death.

What do you think of Nostradamus' prophecies? Which prediction of him do you think will come true next year? Let us know in the comment section below.

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