There are several stages when you start to like someone. You look at them, check out their Instagram, and see how many times they've liked your posts back.

You stalk them, check whether they smile or frown more when you're around and whether they laugh or playfully hit you every time you make a joke.

There's even a point where your friends ask if you have a crush on this person because it's obvious enough for them to notice. But do you know what happens when a Cancer has a crush?

If you don't, this post is probably for you!

In this post you will find out the truth of how a Cancer behaves when they have a crush. This is part of a small series I've written that showcases the love compatibility of the different zodiac signs, so make sure you pay attention and don't forget to claim your free reading.

We will tell you the 7 things a Cancer does when they have a crush. So instead of spending hours trying to figure out what each thing means, just watch this post and learn something new!

7. They try to make you laugh

Cancers are emotional beings, and when they are in love, they tend to be extra silly and playful - even though they may be the least humorous of all zodiac signs.

As a Cancer has a crush on you, they will do anything to make you laugh and put a smile on your face. They are great listeners and are always open to what you have to say. They may even try to make a joke with a little help from you and see if they crack a smile on your face. If they succeed, they will feel on top of the world!

So, if your Cancer friend is trying hard to make you laugh, get the hint already!

6. They quickly get jealous

Cancers are very protective and possessive. They are very sensitive about others looking at them or their partners. If their partner flirts with someone else or if their partner seems to have become interested in someone else, Cancers will get jealous. They will not let go of their partners and will try every possible way to make them feel safe.

A Cancer who has a crush on you will get jealous if you talk to someone else or if you do something with someone else. They will feel insecure and will try to change your behavior.

If you are talking to someone they don't know, they will try to make you stop the conversation. They will want you to be with them and talk to them. They will be possessive of you. Sometimes this behavior may seem a bit too clingy, but you can always talk it out with your partner.

5. Your words and actions change their mood.

Cancers are very moody people. When they are happy, they will want to hug everyone around them. When they are sad, they will want to be left alone, and no one should disturb them.

Because they are sensitive about their feelings, anything you do or say affects them. When you compliment them or say something nice to them, it will make them happy. But if you say something rude or mean to them, it will hurt their feelings and make them sad.

Normally Cancerians would get over the fact if someone hurt them, but if it is someone they like, they will probably take it to their heart. So, if your Cancer friend seems to get hurt only by your actions, it is a sign they are crushing on you.

4. They hold your hand whenever they can.

For Cancers, holding someone's hand is the biggest sign of love. If they hold your hand while you two are walking or while you are sitting somewhere, it means they really like you and want to be with you. They want to make sure that you feel loved when around them.

If a Cancer has a crush on you, they will hold your hand whenever they can. They will also put their hand on your shoulder when they talk to you, or they will try to touch you playfully as much as they can. They will hold your hand when you two even walk, sit or stand together. If you notice a Cancerian putting their hand on your shoulder or arm to make sure you are safe while crossing a road, it means they are falling for you!

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3. They text you every day.

If a Cancer likes you, they will want to know everything about you, your family, and your friends. They will want to know what you do in your life and what you are thinking about 24/7. Therefore, they will text you all day, every day.

Their constant messaging is also their way of figuring out how they can make you happy. When you two are not together, they will want to know when you will meet again.

They will try to make you happy even when they are not around you by talking to you via phone. So if your Cancer partner has been texting you a lot lately, now you know the reason!

2. They hold your gaze

Cancers are shy people, and they don't like to talk to new people. If a Cancer has a crush on you, they will try to look at you and keep their eyes on you. They will try to hold your gaze for as long as they can. They will try to make eye contact with you. When you two are talking, they will try to look at you, and they will try to be close to you.

If you want to find out if your Cancer partner has genuine feelings for you, try engaging in eye contact. If they hold your gaze, we have good news for you!

1. They get flirty around you.

Cancers are not flirty unless they really like someone. Normally they are shy and do not open up easily. But when a Cancerian has a crush on someone, they try to impress them by being flirty. They will give cheesy compliments or pass flirty comments to the person they are attracted to just to get their attention.

So if a Cancer is trying to flirt with you, it's a big sign they are crushing on you. Because they are not flirtatious people by nature, this sudden change of behavior tells that their feelings have changed towards you.

A Cancer will try to make you happy by saying kind words to you and by putting their hand on your shoulder. If you two are alone, they will try to be close to you and make you feel comfortable. If you two are in a group, they will try to be near you and try to talk to you.

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There you have it! 7 things a Cancer does when they have a crush! Have you ever dated a Cancerian before? They acted the same way as we mentioned in the post, right? Let us know in the comment section below!

Thank you for reading! Till next time!

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