Some killers may have thought that taking the lives of their victims was the end of their nightmare, but for these murderers, it was just the beginning - haunted by the memories of their victims and tormented by their spirits, they were forced to confront the horrors of their crimes for the rest of their lives. You could even say that Karma is B. Many were driven by trauma in their own pasts, such as childhood abuse or neglect. Others suffered from intense feelings of isolation or mental illness. But while understanding the root causes of their actions may be important for psychologists and criminologists, it does little to quell the pain of those affected by their crimes.Serial killer victims fascinate and dismay us. We may never fully know the pain and terror they faced at the hands of their murderers. Yet, we remain fascinated. Do the ghosts of their victims still linger in the minds of these killers long after they have been brought to justice? These questions have puzzled true-crime enthusiasts and professionals for years.

This post raises unsettling questions about life, death, and justice, let's dive into 5 killers that who were haunted by their victims.

Carl Von Cosel

In 1931, Carl Von Cosel, a radiology technician in Florida, fell in love with a patient named Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos. Despite her terminal illness, Von Cosel was convinced that he could save her, and he showered her with gifts and attention. After her death, Von Cosel stole her body from the cemetery and kept it in his home for seven years, attempting to preserve it with wax and chemicals.

During this time, Von Cosel claimed that Elena's spirit was still with him, and that she had spoken to him and even danced with him. He was eventually discovered, and the public was horrified by the macabre story. Von Cosel was charged with grave robbing, but he was not charged with murder because Elena's body was so decomposed that it was impossible to determine the cause of death.

Charles Walton

In 1945, a farm laborer named Charles Walton was brutally murdered in Warwickshire, England. His body was found with a pitchfork driven through his neck, and his throat was slit. The murder was never solved, but some locals suspected that it was the work of witchcraft.

One suspect, a local man named Alfred Potter, claimed that he had seen Walton's ghost following him and whispering threats. Potter was eventually committed to a mental institution, and the murder of Charles Walton remains a chilling unsolved mystery.

James Camb

In 1978, James Camb was a college student in Arizona when he murdered a young woman named Linda Borquez. After the killing, Camb claimed that he could hear Linda's voice in his head, taunting him and telling him to turn himself in.

Despite these haunting thoughts, Camb went on to commit another murder, this time of a 13-year-old girl. He was eventually caught and convicted of both murders, and he later claimed that he had been under the control of an evil spirit.

John Linley Frazier

In 1970, John Linley Frazier, a troubled drifter, broke into the home of a California family and murdered all five members. After his arrest, Frazier claimed that the spirits of the victims were haunting him and that he could hear their screams in his head.

Frazier's trial was sensationalized in the media, and he was ultimately convicted and sentenced to death. His story has been the subject of numerous books and movies, and his claim of being haunted by his victims has become a chilling footnote in the annals of true crime.

Richard Trenton Chase

Richard Trenton Chase, also known as the "Vampire of Sacramento," was a notorious serial killer who murdered six people in California in the late 1970s. Chase was known for his bizarre behavior, which included drinking the blood of his victims and collecting their organs.

After his arrest, Chase claimed that he was being controlled by aliens, and that he could hear their voices in his head. He also claimed that the spirits of his victims were haunting him and that they were trying to kill him. Chase was eventually convicted and sentenced to death, and his story has become one of the most notorious in the annals of true crime.

The cases of killers haunted by their victims are chilling reminders of the lasting impact of violent crime. While some of these killers may have been struggling with mental illness or delusions, their claims of being haunted by their victims add an eerie layer to their crimes.

It's important to note that while some killers may claim to be haunted by their victims, this is not a justification for their actions. The victims in these cases deserve justice and remembrance, and their stories serve as a reminder to all of us to treat others with respect and kindness.

In conclusion, the cases of killers who were haunted by their victims are some of the most disturbing and fascinating in the world of true crime. While some may dismiss these claims as delusions or insanity, there is no denying the impact that these haunting experiences had on the killers themselves. These stories serve as a reminder of the dark side of humanity, and the importance of seeking justice for those who have been wronged.

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