Gemini is a zodiac sign of two-faced people who are master manipulators, clever evils, and nosy gossipers.

From being moody to being flaky, Geminis have some of the worst habits you will ever see in anyone!

So, in this post, we decided to tell you about the 10 worst things about Geminis and if you’re not a Gemini, we will tell you how to deal with these two-faced scoundrels.

If you are a Gemini, then you might want to brace yourself. Because some of these might hit close to home!

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Right, let's get down to the brass tacks

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10. Massive Ego

Geminis have issues with their ego. They might have a massive ego and feel like they are God's gift to this planet, or they could have a fragile ego and feel like they are the most underappreciated people on the planet. Both cases are problematic.

If you have a healthy ego, you have a realistic sense of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and your place in the world. Having a healthy ego also means that you are able to communicate and interact with other people without creating unnecessary drama or a fight.

Geminis who have massive egos, on the other hand, often feel the need to show off or put others down in order to feel better about themselves. They might also have an unhealthy need for admiration and praise. They might even use manipulation and sabotage in order to get what they want.

9. Unnecessary drama

Geminis can really create unnecessary drama. They are known for creating drama and then quickly moving on to the next thing. Unfortunately, this drama often happens in relationships.

Geminis might start dating someone and suddenly break up with them for seemingly no reason at all. Or they might go from being super into someone to completely ghosting them for something seemingly insignificant.

Geminis might also create drama at work by gossiping about their co-workers, backstabbing them, or stirring up conflict with the boss. They often like being in the middle of the drama, so they are likely to side with someone just to be part of the gossip or conflict.

8. Two-faced

Geminis are two-faced people who will say one thing to your face and the complete opposite behind your back. They are the kind of people who will tell you that you look nice when you don't, or that you're doing a good job when you're not.

Geminis are also likely to talk badly about you when you're not around. They might pretend like they are your best friend or are your well-wishers, but it is most likely they talk behind your back.

7. Gossipers

Geminis are gossipers. They love to talk about all the drama that's going on in their lives, their relationships, and at work. They will often start a conversation by saying, "Did you hear what happened with so-and-so?"

They usually like to gossip about other people in order to feel better about themselves. Gossiping is a way of putting others down so that they can lift themselves up.

Geminis also like gossiping because they are naturally curious and like to talk about different topics. They are likely to gossip about anything and everything, which may make them great friends, but lousy coworkers.

6. Indecisive

Geminis are often very indecisive. They are the people who will sit at the restaurant for hours trying to decide what they want to eat. They don't like to make tough decisions and often have difficulty choosing between two options.

Geminis often have a hard time deciding what they want to do with their lives. They may change interests and careers several times throughout their lives without finding something that sticks. This is an unhealthy habit, especially for their future and career.

Geminis also often have a hard time picking a romantic partner. They may be in a long-term relationship with someone but never seem to decide if that person is the right one for them. They also have a hard time committing to dates, plans, and other things that require a definite yes or no.

Before we move on and reveal the next worst habit of the Gemini zodiac sign...

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5. They like to snoop

Geminis are naturally curious, and you will often find them snooping through your drawers, phone, computer, or email. Geminis want to know all of your secrets, and they want to know them now.

They can't stand the thought of not knowing something, so they often resort to going through your things to satisfy their curiosity.

Geminis also like to snoop because they are naturally control freaks. They want to be in charge of every single thing in their lives, which includes knowing every single thing about their friends and loved ones. If they can't know something, they feel out of control, and that terrifies them.

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4. Lie too often

Geminis are notorious for telling little white lies, but they also may tell bigger lies. When they lie, they usually don't realize they are doing it or that it's problematic. They just think it's easier to lie than tell the truth.

Geminis often lie to make themselves look better, to avoid confrontation, or to get out of a sticky situation. They might lie about how they feel, where they were, or what they did last weekend because they feel like they have to be something they aren't in order to please someone else.

Geminis might also lie about their feelings toward someone in order to avoid hurting them. They might feel like they don't have feelings for a romantic partner, but they don't want to break their hearts, so they lie about their feelings.

3. Secret control freaks

Geminis are secret control freaks who secretly manipulate and control their romantic partners and friends. They like to take charge and don't like to be controlled. As a result, they often control others without them ever knowing it.

Geminis will often say or do things to try to control their romantic partners and friends without actually making them realize that they are controlling them. They will tell their friends what they should do with their lives, who they should date, or how they should dress. They will tell their romantic partners what they think they want to hear.

2. Poor Listeners

Geminis often have their heads in the clouds and are too busy thinking about their own thoughts and ideas to actually listen to what you are saying.

Geminis often have trouble fully listening to people also because they are too busy thinking about what they want to say next. Geminis like to talk, and they like to be the center of attention.

They may interrupt you, finish your sentences for you, or talk over you in order to get what they want to say out loud.

1. Repeaters

Geminis like to retell the same story over and over again. They may love a particular story and think it's hilarious, but after the 100th time you've heard it, you're sick of it and wish they'd move on.

Geminis are often caught up in the moment and don't realize that they are telling the same story or that you've heard it before. They may just be so excited that they don't realize that a story they love ends up sounding like a broken record. If you have a Gemini friend like this, you will agree with us that this habit can be quite irritating, right?

So, guys, these were the 10 worst habits of the Gemini zodiac sign!

If you are also a Gemini, how many of these habits do you have? Or have you ever noticed these habits in your Gemini friends? Let us know in the comments section below.

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