Geminis are notorious for being dual personalities, thanks to their split identities as twins. However, that doesn't mean they don't have crushes or fall in love just like everyone else. In fact, Geminis tend to be rather interested in getting to know new people — romantically speaking. They are naturally flirty and can get interested in someone quickly.

But if you have a crush on a Gemini, how do you know if they feel the same way? Don't worry; we are going to answer that for you!

In this post, we will tell you how a Gemini handles it when they have a crush and what kind of things they do when they have one..

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So, let's get started.

These are the 10 things a Gemini does when they have a crush!

10. They mirror your actions.

Geminis are constantly looking for ways to get to know you and understand your personality. In order to do this, they will start unconsciously mimicking your actions.

Humans are social creatures, and we often unconsciously mirror the actions of those around us. This phenomenon is known as mirroring, and it's a natural part of our social behavior.

Mirroring can occur in a variety of contexts, including body language, speech patterns, and even emotional expressions.
Mirroring can be a positive force in social interactions, creating a sense of rapport and connection between individuals.
When we feel like someone is mirroring our behavior, we tend to feel more comfortable around them and are more likely to trust them.
However, mirroring can also have negative consequences if it's being used in a manipulative way. In this context, mirroring is often employed by individuals who are trying to gain trust or manipulate others for their own gain.

One example of this is when someone is trying to deceive or manipulate you, they may mirror your actions in order to build trust and create a sense of familiarity. This can include mimicking your body language, speech patterns, and even your emotional expressions. By doing this, they hope to create a sense of trust and closeness that will make it easier for them to manipulate you.

9. They want to take you on spontaneous adventures.

Geminis are natural explorers and are constantly looking for new things to do and places to go. When they have a crush, they will want to take you on these adventures immediately.

It will be like they are on an adventure high and need to show you all the cool things they've been wanting to show you for ages!

Life can be mundane and predictable, so when someone suggests a spontaneous adventure, it's easy to get excited about the possibilities. A spontaneous adventure can be a thrilling experience, filled with excitement and unpredictability. But what does it mean when someone wants to take you on spontaneous adventures? Is it a sign of something more?

If you've been dating a Gemini who constantly wants to take you on spontaneous adventures, it could be a sign that they're really into you.

8. They send you extremely long text messages.

Geminis are wordsmiths at heart and will use as many words as they need to make sure they communicate exactly what they mean. They will try to engage in deep conversations with you so that they can know you better.

While this is great when they have a crush on you and want to stay connected with you, it's also not a good idea to let them go on for too long if you are not interested.

In today's world, texting has become a primary mode of communication for many people. It's quick, convenient, and allows us to stay in touch with friends and loved ones no matter where we are. However, have you ever received an extremely long text message from someone? If so, it could be a sign that they're trying to convey something important to you.

When a Gemini sends you an extremely long text message, it's usually because they have a lot to say and they want to make sure they say it all. It could be a sign that they're feeling a strong emotion, such as anger, frustration, or even love.

If you get a text message that's over a page long, know that they are serious about the relationship and probably fall for you. You should be clear about your feelings so that you don't end up hurting them.

7. They will want to have shared interests.

Geminis are lovers of learning and want to continue that as long as possible. When they have a crush on you, they will want to share in your interests.

This could include things like joining your book club or going to concerts together. If you notice a Gemini trying to share your interests, know that they like you a lot!

They will also want you to do things through which you both can connect with each other. They might ask you to take a dance class with them or try cooking a new dish together.

Having shared interests is an important part of any relationship. It helps you connect with your partner on a deeper level and provides a foundation for you to build upon. If someone you're dating expresses a desire to have shared interests, it's a good sign that they're interested in developing a meaningful relationship with you.

All these signs hint that they are falling for you!

6. They behave like a teenager in love.

Remember how you were when you were in love as a teenager? You smiled all the time, laughed a ton, and loved getting flowers.

If you notice your Gemini doing these things, know that they have a major crush on you and are falling for you.

When someone behaves like a teenager in love, it's often an indication that they have strong feelings for someone. They may act giddy, nervous, and overly emotional. If you're dating someone who is behaving like a teenager in love, it's important to understand what it means and how you should react.

They are trying to let you know how they feel as best they can. If you notice your Gemini doing these things, know that they are deeply interested in you.

5. They defend you at any cost.

Geminis are fiercely loyal, and when they have a crush on you, they will do anything to make sure you don't get hurt. This could mean jumping into a conversation that you're not a part of or defending you against a complete stranger who dares to insult you in public.

When someone defends you at any cost, it's a clear sign that they care about you deeply. They're willing to stand up for you and protect you, no matter what the circumstances are. If you're in a relationship with someone who defends you at any cost, it's important to understand why they do it and how you should respond.

They will channel their impulsive behavior to defend you and stand behind you. So, as long as you have your Gemini partner, you have someone to count on!

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4. They nurture like a parent.

Geminis are natural caretakers. So when they start to like someone, they want to take care of them and make sure they are perfectly well.

If your Gemini partner has a crush on you, they will want to feed you when you're hungry, take you home when you're too drunk, and put you to bed when you're sleepy. They would love to give you a massage when you're tense, help you with difficult tasks, and take care of you as much as possible.

When you're in a relationship with someone, it's natural to expect them to care for you and nurture you in some way. However, when someone begins to nurture you like a parent, it can be a little disconcerting.

So, if you notice your Gemini caring for you like this, you will know the cute secret reason behind all this!

3. They are openly affectionate.

Geminis are affectionate beings, and they don't really care who knows it. If they have a crush on you, they will want to be as affectionate as possible. This could include holding your hand in public, cuddling with you when you're sick, or putting their arm around your shoulders when you're cold. They will also not hesitate to show a little PDA.

When you're in a relationship with someone, affection is a crucial aspect of that relationship. It's important to show your partner how much you care for them, and one way to do that is through openly affectionate behavior. If your partner is openly affectionate towards you, it's a sign that they value and cherish you.

So, if you have a Gemini crushing over you, congratulations! You are going to get showered with a lot of love!

2. They never flake on you.

Geminis are some of the most reliable people you will ever meet. If they say they're gonna do something, they'll do it. If they say they're gonna be somewhere at a certain time, they'll be there.

In today's busy world, it can be challenging to maintain commitments and stick to plans. However, when someone never flakes on you, it's a clear indication that they value your time and prioritize their relationship with you. If you're in a relationship with someone who never flakes on you, it's essential to understand why they do it and how you should respond.

If they have a crush on you, they'll never flake on you. They'll be there for you whenever you need them and will never break a promise. So if your Gemini date never ditches the plans, it is a clear sign they are seriously interested in you.

1. They become your best friend.

When a Gemini has a crush on you, they'll want to share everything with you, tell you everything, and do everything with you. They'll want to know everything about you, and they'll want you to know everything about them.

When you're in a relationship with someone, it's natural to expect them to become your partner and lover. However, when they become your best friend as well, it can be an incredible bonus to the relationship. A partner who is also a best friend can bring a unique level of understanding, comfort, and joy to your life.

If you notice your Gemini wanting to be your best friend, know that they have a major crush on you. They will support you, encourage you, comfort you, and will always be there for you. So, it will be like finding a friend in your partner. Isn't it the best?

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So, these were the 10 things a Gemini does when they have a crush on someone! Are you a Gemini, or have you ever dated a Gemini? In what other ways do you think Gemini broadcast their feelings? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below!

Till next time! Goodbye!

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