Normally these devils are known as the loyal sign of the zodiac, but don’t be foold, they are human after all, and all humans have their faults. Sometimes they just cant think of the perfect way to tell you that they aren’t interested in anything from you other than sex. If you’re here because you’re concerned about a Virgo in your life, then listen up, because we are going to share with you 10 red flags and make sure you stay till the end.. because we have saved the best till last

But before that, comment down below and let us know what star sign you are and whether the Virgo is exhibiting any of the below red flags.

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Shiver me timbers, let’s reveal them

10. They are Emotionally Closed-Off

As soon as the energy isn’t right, a virgo becomes closed off. Emotionally unavailable people are the ones who are very mentally strong, self-sufficient, and independent. They like to be alone and do not like to be in a relationship. They are not able to express their feelings and needs to their partners.

Most Virgos are like this, but not when they are in a serious relationship. When they really like someone, they share all their secrets and feelings with them.

If you're dating a Virgo and they are emotionally closed off, they are not going to want to open up to you. They'll keep everything to themselves and won't want to let you in. This is a big red flag that they're using you, and it's something you should watch out for.

9. They are quiet

Just like a mouse creeping round your house at night, if you don’t hear a wimper or a squeak from a Virgos mouth then, hunny, they are using you for sex.

Virgo is a sign that is naturally very quiet, you could call their mouths a mouse trap if you will. They are not the type that likes to open up, especially when they are not interested in a person. In such a situation, a Virgo would prefer to keep to themselves and say very little to their partner. They rarely talk about themselves or their feelings.

If you notice that your Virgo man or woman never talks or is very quiet, then they are not being honest with you.

8. They are Never Available

If your Virgo partner is never available for you, they are not interested in you. If a Virgo partner is always busy with work, with friends, hanging out, or doing something, then they are definitely using you just for sex.

If you notice this in your relationship, you should think about ending it the right way before you get too hurt.

7. Cold and Distant

Cold and distant people belong in the freezer not in the world, they are not very intimate or close to their partners. They do not want to get too attached to their partners because they have already made up their minds to leave their partners soon.

A Virgo person who is not interested in you would be cold and distant towards you. They would not give you the attention that you need or deserve. They will not care for your feelings or not assure you of your doubts. This is the point you need to end the relationship, or you will end up hurting alone.

6. Gives mixed signals

Just like a faulty traffic light, if your Virgo partner gives you mixed signals and is not sure about their feelings for you, then they are not a good partner for you. They are not sure about their feelings, and they are just using you for sex.

One day, your Virgo partner would be interested in you, and the next day, they would be uninterested in you. One day they will make you feel like the most important person in the world, and the next day, they will ignore you like you never existed.

If your Virgo partner is giving you mixed signals, you should end the relationship.

Before we move on and reveal the next sign a Virgo is using you for sex...

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Make sure you stay till the end.. because we have saved the best till last

5. Craves Alone Time

Virgos are people who love to spend time alone. They are extremely independent and self-sufficient. Virgos are the type of people who would always prefer to be alone, except when they are in love. When a Virgo is really interested in someone, they prefer to spend quality time with their partner.

If your Virgo partner craves alone time, they are toxic for you. It means they cannot handle emotional intimacy. They are not able to share their feelings and thoughts with you. They are with you just for their physical needs.

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4. They are dishonest

Dishonest people love to be with you, but they are not interested in you. Virgos are the type of people who are not interested in you, but they are very interested in taking advantage.

If your Virgo partner is dishonest, then they are using you. They would do anything to keep you around, and they would want to monopolize your time. They will speak lies to you; will never tell you about their whereabouts. They will always ignore your questions. These are all the red flags you need to notice before it’s too late.

3. They break plans

Virgos are planners, and if they make a plan with you, they're 100% going to show up. If a Virgo is using you, they will break plans made with you. It means they want to keep their options open, and they would not want to be in a serious relationship with you.

You need to notice how often your Virgo partner uses you as an excuse to cancel plans with you. You will notice that they only care about their work, and they feel like they need to be everywhere at once except with you.

2. Goes Quiet on Business Trips

It's hard not to be suspicious of a Virgo if they are using you. It's a rare occasion that they go quiet on their business trips without informing you, only to return and expect to pick up right where they left off. If there's no excuse for their silence, then it is likely that they are either working hard or playing hard. It means they are with you just to satisfy their physical needs.

They will make you feel like your priorities are being cared for when, in reality, they're not. Maybe they will give excuses to not tell you before going on trips. Maybe they will apologize as if they are extremely sorry, but you need not fall for that trap if it happens again and again.

1. Not Talking A Whole Lot

The Virgo loves to analyze your every move, and they're usually pretty good at taking everything you say and turning it against you. If a Virgo is using you, they will not be talking a whole lot with you...

They might be very interested in what you have to say, but the conversation might be more about them than about you. They will also expect you to ask them questions, and they will have plenty of time to reply, but they might not be in the mood for much conversation.

So, folks, these were the 10 ways to spot a Virgo who is using you. These people are mainly interested in satisfying their needs but aren't necessarily interested in you. Have you ever dated a Virgo before, or are currently dating one? Have you ever noticed these signs? Share with us in the comment section below.

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