Are you wondering if that Leo man you have your eye on likes you? Are you curious if he’s been sending you signals? If so, this post is especially for you.

In this post, we’ll tell you about the 10 most obvious signs a Leo man has feelings for you. If you see most of these signs in your man, there is a good chance he is head-over-heels for you!

10. He asks a lot of questions.

Leos are talkative. It’s always them talking and the other person listening. But when a Leo guy starts to fall for someone, he tends to listen more.

He wants to know more about that girl, so he asks her a lot of questions.

If a Leo man suddenly starts asking you questions about yourself, it is a sign he has feelings for you. Because Leo men do not care to know others unless it is someone special. He will ask for small details about you so that he can connect with you on a deeper level.

If you like him back, you should also ask him about himself. He will see that as a sign that you are interested too.

9. He enjoys endless conversations with you.

Leo men have a fun nature. They do not stay in a company that is boring or an interesting one that takes too much of their time. But when it comes to spending time with their crust, they do not care if the conversation is boring or if there are long talks; they just want to spend more time with her.

Therefore, if your Leo crush has been engaging in frequent conversations with you lately, it’s a sign he enjoys your company and likes spending time with you. So, if you do not want to bore him away, always bring up exciting topics to keep the conversation lively.

8. He treats you differently.

Leos are enthusiastic people by nature. But when it’s someone they really like, they amp up their enthusiasm. If you want to find out if a Leo man has feelings for you, just observe how he acts around his friends and then how he acts around you. You’ll know about his feelings in a second!

He might be energetic around his friends or even compliment them, but the energy he shares with you will be different. He will be more open and vulnerable with you. He will also tell you how he finds you different from other people.

7. He craves your approval.

When in the initial stages of dating, Leo men are a bit insecure. Therefore, they require constant assurance. He will crave your attention and approval if he really has feelings for you. When you are sitting in a gathering, he will glance your way often to see if you are noticing him. You might also get a “miss you” text from him when you are not together at a place.

So, when your Leo crush shows these signs, it doesn’t hurt to reciprocate the energy and reassure him that you care about him too.

6. He is moving fast.

A Leo man in love does not hold back; he moves fast in his relationship. If he really has feelings for you, he will take no time introducing you to his family and friends or announcing your relationship on Facebook. He may also talk with you about your future plans. So, if it happens, do not get overwhelmed; it’s just a Leo bombarding you with his love.

If you want to confirm if a Leo man really likes you, ask him to upload a picture of you two together on his social media account. If he agrees and is happy to do it, it is a clear sign he likes you. It also means he does not hesitate being in a long-term relationship with you.

5. He is romantic.

Yes, Leos are flirty. But when it’s their crush, they take their romantic attitude to another level. They do not hesitate to send flirtatious texts or plan romantic dinners for the women they like. Leos move fast in their relationships; you will see these romantic gestures sooner than expected. If he gives you a massage or plays with your hair, it clearly means he has fallen for you. He will also make sure you are comfortable with his romantic gestures. So, if you like him back, do not hold back in telling him that you like his gestures.

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4. He dramatizes his actions around you.

Leo is a sign of proud people. They are show-offs of their looks and personality but in a positive way. So, when a Leo man is interested in a girl, he shows off in front of her and tries to grab her attention.

He might talk louder or narrate one of his most adventurous stories or tell his best jokes when you are in a gathering. All these events signal that he is in love with you. He will tell you about his hobbies to impress you. You will also get to know more about his skills.

3. His body language will tell you.

When a Leo man has feelings for someone, his body language and facial expressions give him away. He will show open body language and send attraction signals. You just have to pick them up. Do not worry; we’ll tell you how.

Firstly, he will mimic your actions. If you set your hair, he will set his; if you shift in place, so will he; if you move your arm, he will do the same. Secondly, he will face you when sitting in a gathering. His body and feet will be directed towards you. Moreover, he will try to sit or stand close to you. Try changing your position when you are sitting in a group. It is most likely that he will also get up and come sit close to you.

2. He respects you as a person.

Being self-absorbed and egoistical are common negative traits of the Leo sign. But when a Leo man is interested in someone, he starts to focus more on her rather than himself. He will listen to your opinions and respect your decisions. He will also listen to you and take your advice.

If you want to confirm if he is really into you, try asking him one small detail about you that you told him before. If he remembers it; it clearly means he likes you.

1. He likes the way you are.

Leos are attracted to looks and physical appearance. But when they fall in love, we see a shift in their behavior. They become authentic and appreciate others just the way they are. Instead of pointing out flaws, they tell the girl how these flaws actually make her unique.

So if you think that one Leo man likes you, try mentioning one of your flaws in front of him. Instead of judging you, he will admire you and make you feel special.

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Now that you know about the 10 most common signs a Leo man has feelings for someone, you can confirm your hunch. How many of these signs have you noticed in your crush? Have you figured out now if he likes you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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