Do you have your eye on an Aquarius man? Do you want to know if he feels the same way?

We know Aquarius men express their feelings in subtle ways, and their signs can be tricky to read. But don’t worry - we are here to help!

In this post, we will tell you about 10 hidden signs to know an Aquarius man likes you. So, by the end of this post, you will not have to keep guessing anymore.

10. He acts differently around you.

When an Aquarius man falls in love, he behaves unconventionally and acts differently. This change in behaviour is quite noticeable. Let us tell you how.

Aquarians are amiable, so they are talkative around people. But when they are in the company of someone they like, they become shy and awkward. They are afraid of looking foolish or leaving a bad impression, so they start to act strange. But do not take it as a negative sign; it actually means they like you!

So, if an Aquarius man tends to avoid direct eye contact or blushes when you look him in the eyes, he is likely to have feelings for you.

9. He makes you his first priority.

Aquarians are extremely dedicated to their daily routine. They plan their day ahead and allot fixed time slots for each of their tasks. But when an Aquarius man is attracted to you, he will abandon this agenda just to spend time with you.

Suppose you make sudden plans like going for an unplanned dinner or seeing a movie, and he spontaneously agrees to go with you without caring about his schedule. In that case, it is the biggest clue he is attracted to you because, believe us, an Aquarian is the last person to ditch his schedule unless there is a big reason.

8. He is romantic with you.

We already mentioned that Aquarius men are shy when around someone they like. In the beginning, when he is developing feelings for you, he won’t know himself. But as you two spend time together, he will eventually realise, “So this is Love!” (Pun intended).

His awkward phase will end quickly as soon as he gets comfortable with you. After that, he will act romantic and make sweet gestures to show you his affection.

From bringing you a cup of coffee or buying you something from your wishlist, he will subtly show you his feelings. You just have to notice them.

7. He shows you his responsible nature.

Aquarius men are quite mature and know their responsibilities. Yes, they are humans and can get emotionally exhausted, but when responsibility calls, they are the first ones standing to complete them. It is a positive Aquarian trait.

Therefore, if an Aquarius man likes you, he will definitely show you his responsible nature. He will always be a gentleman around you, act self-controlled, talk with so much poise, and will never act harshly. All these signs mean he wants to impress you with his maturity.

6. He tests you.

Does he ignore you in public while talking to others? Does it seem like he does not care? Don’t worry; it is exactly how an Aquarius man in love behaves.

Aquarius men want to test the love and patience of the person they are attracted to before getting into a relationship. It is their way of making sure they do not become committed to someone who isn’t right for them.

Even if he does not talk to you as much as he talks with others, he will still stare at you or smile at you. It is the biggest sign he is interested in you and not just ignoring you. You do not have to react to this behaviour; just act normal. Once he builds his trust and is sure about you being the one, he will approach you himself.

5. He shows off.

An Aquarius man in love is like a big kid who wants to be noticed and praised. You will get to see his goofy show-off side if he really likes you. He will boast about his creativity or intelligence; he will show up wearing the fanciest of his suits; he might even brag about the time he was popular in college.

So, if he is bragging too much about him, do not think of him as a big show-off; it is merely his way of trying to impress you and get you to like him back.

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4. He is warm with you.

The Aquarius zodiac is related to air, so Aquarius are cold and a bit insensitive by nature. They tend to overanalyse everything around them, and they can grow more and more unemotional with time. But when they start to like someone, we get to see this huge change in their personality. Their cold and insensitive nature turns warm and kind.

If an Aquarius man softens his demeanor when you are with him and talks to you very softly and lovingly, then congrats, you already got the biggest hint! He likes you and does not want to hurt you by saying anything insensitive.

3. He loves to give you advice.

Aquarius men are independent thinkers and intellectuals. And as we already told you, they observe everything deeply, which makes them the best advisers. When they are attracted to someone, they never miss a chance to give a good piece of advice. They relish playing the part of an educator.

For example, if you are cooking something, he will keep telling you about all the useful tips they know even if you did not ask about them.

He will also play the part of an informer; he will want you to know everything about everything. For example, he will keep telling you about current global affairs so that you can stay updated.

2. He praises you.

Aquarius is the zodiac of the most realistic people, they are guided by their brains more than their hearts. But this changes when an Aquarian falls in love, we see a major personality shift. An Aquarius man in love will notice the little subtle things and comment on them. So, if you have made a special effort with your appearance, and an Aquarius man notices and compliments you, you should know that it is not usual! He is surely hiding some feelings.

Moreover, his compliments will not be limited to your outer appearance. He will also praise your style, way of thinking, creative projects and hobbies, and of course, your personality traits.

1. He doesn’t flake on you.

Aquarians is the flakiest sign of the zodiac. They tend to change plans more often because they prioritise themselves and their welfare above anything else. If they don’t feel like doing something one day, no ifs, no buts, they won’t do it. But if an Aquarius man loves you, he wants to make effort to show you he cares and will never flake on you.

Did you have plans to get coffee together? He was there. Were you going for a morning walk when he got a call from work? He was still there with you. He will never change plans with you for anything in the world. And this is how you will know your friendship is more than just friendship for him.

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There you have it, 10 hidden signs an Aquarius man likes you! Now that you know how to interpret them, you can find out if the Aquarius man you have your eyes on likes you back. Is he giving you any of these subtle signs? Which of his other actions make you think he is interested in you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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