Do you have a Pisces man in your life? If so, do you wonder if he likes you? Yes, we agree, it can be sometimes difficult to tell since Pisces men are often very shy and introverted.

In this post, we will tell you about 10 hidden signs that a Pisces man is interested in you. So get ready to learn how to decipher the hidden clues from him and know for sure if he has a crush on you.

10. He is nervous around you.

Pisces easily get overwhelmed and nervous when they are around someone they like. So they start daydreaming or change the subject to get away from this feeling. All this because they want to make a good impression on you, and that’s what makes them awkward and nervous.

So if a Pisces man is nervous around you but trying hard to get into your good books, it’s a huge sign that he likes you. But he will not stay nervous around you forever. Once he gets comfortable around you and gets to know you more, all the nervousness will go away, and you will find a really calm and cool person.

9. He stares at you.

Because a Pisces man tends to daydream when nervous, you will often catch him staring at you. It is because he looks at you silently to appreciate your traits and wants to make an emotional connection with you through eye contact. It helps him build his trust in you and get more comfortable.

Even if you are not talking with him, he will gaze into your eyes. So, if you keep making eye contact with him, or catching him looking your way, or your friends tell you that he is, you already know the reason!

8. He wants to know everything about you.

The Pisces sign is related to water, so Pisces men are emotionally sensitive, with strong emotional intelligence and have strong empathy. They crave a deep and strong relationship with the women they like. It is why when a Pisces man likes you, he wants to know your likes, dislikes, your ambitions, and desires. He wants to find out if you both have similar interests in something. It will help him deepen and form a strong connection with you.

If a Pisces man is really into you, he will also want to learn about your past relationships. He’ll probably want to know what worked for you in the past and what made you split with your exs. If he is asking you about your past relationships and why they didn’t work, it’s not just him being nosey, it’s a clear sign he wants to meet your expectations and be your boyfriend!

7. He is open about his feelings.

Being emotional creatures, Pisces men do not want to keep things complicated, although they are shy in nature, once they have grown more confident, they will begin to reveal their true feelings. So, if a Pisces man likes you, he will signal it to you. He might even come out and say that he thinks he is falling in love with you. However if he is being less subtle, it might be simply inviting you out to more romantic style places.

Although he will not tell you straight away that he likes you, he will also not put you in the dark for long. So, if a Pisces man has a crush on you, you will know it soon.

6. He shows you his creative side.

Pisces are known to live within their own imagination. That’s why they are creative and have a really impressive artistic side.

When a Pisces man has feelings for you, he will not shy away from showing his artistic side to you. For example, he may sing a song for you or write you a poem. He may also want to do something creative with you, like take a painting class together or visit a museum. He will also want to hear all about your creative side, if this is somewhere you are lacking, or haven’t delved in too deeply, it is likely that he will bring it out of you more.

5. He wants to hear your opinions.

According to Business insider, Pisces are intellectual people and are ranked higher among the intelligent zodiac signs. So if a Pisces man likes you, he will be interested in learning your opinion on different topics. He will also want to learn what you think about certain philosophies and ideas.

It is not because he wants you to be on the same page about different things. He just wants to learn more about how you think about those things. Even if you disagree with him, he will not judge you. He just wants to learn how to adjust to you and your opinions. So, if you like him back, you should be open with him and let him hear your opinions, whilst opening considering his and not being too quick to dismiss them if they are opposing yours.

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4. He compliments you all the time.

If Pisces' man is interested in someone, he will notice everything about his crush and find ways to compliment her to make her feel good about herself and comfortable around him.

A Pisces man will not only compliment you on your looks but also on your personality, your composure, your intelligence and how you interact with others. Moreover, he will go out of his way to compliment you and find new ways to do it.

So if you notice that your Pisces crush has made numerous compliments about different aspects of yourself and personality then there is a high chance that he likes you. You should already get the hint!

3. He wants to spend more time with you.

Pisces men are shy. But that does not stop them from wanting to be around you. A Pisces man will try everything they can in order to spend more time with you. He will do things out of his norm to see you more, like visiting the places or parties that he had never visited before just because you are going.

He might also make more plans with your mutual friends to go out so that he gets to be around you for more time.

If a Pisces man has a crush on you, we bet that he will eventually start to text or call you for a meetup to spend some time together. It might feel natural because he is trying to be subtle, but if you notice that you are hanging out with him more often than usual, and accidentally bumping into him, then the accidental meets turn into him actively texting and calling you to meet up for coffee, or to meet up for drinks after work that might be disguised as him needing assistance with something, it's just him trying to spend more time with you.

When this happens, never forget to come and tell us about it!

2. He surprises you with little gifts.

Being water signs, Pisces men are naturally thoughtful, and they care a lot. So, when they like someone, they tend to show their feelings by making little gestures, such as surprising them with little gifts. It is their way of showing how much they care about you.

For example, if you have a big project coming up, a Pisces man who comes over with a box of sweets and your favorite coffee definitely has feelings for you. He is doing these little things to support you, lift up your mood, and make you feel loved.

1. He shows affectionate gestures.

Pisces men are the cutest in love. They are affectionate, and they never miss a chance to show it. If a Pisces man likes you, you will notice him trying to get closer to you or playfully fight you in an innocent way.

Don’t act surprised when a Pisces man enters your personal space. It’s the biggest sign that he has a strong crush on you. So, if you like him back, try getting closer to him. If he really likes you, he will respond to you. But do not get disappointed if he gets jumpy. He may still like you but is still nervous. Just wait for him to give you more signs or take the lead on this one.

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There you have it, 10 hidden signs a Pisces man likes you! Do you have a Pisces man in your life right now who is showing you any of these signs? Now that you know what these signs mean, how will you respond to him? Let us know in the comments section below.

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