Do you currently have feelings for a Gemini man, and you’re unsure whether his feelings are reciprocated? Gemini men are incredibly outgoing and naturally flirtatious. Unfortunately, this can give off mixed signals, making it confusing to know whether he likes you or not. In this post, we will share the 10 secret signs that a Gemini man shows when he likes a woman so that you can decipher whether he’s interested in you or not.

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1.Flirtatious touches

As mentioned before, Gemini men tend to be naturally flirtatious individuals. When a Gemini man likes someone, he will talk about that person to other people openly and will become even more flirtatious than usual and more touchy. Notice his behaviour and whether he is leaning in closer, touching your arm or your back more often whilst speaking to you. When a Gemini man likes someone, he will become more visibly romantic; if you’re in the dating phase already, he will hold your hand or kiss you openly in front of relatives and friends, making you the centre of attention always.

2. He wants to know you on a deeper level

Gemini men are not the type who will quickly wear their hearts on their sleeves. They could be described as bachelor types because of their flirtatious nature. They tend to be naturally physically attractive and enjoy flirting with many women. However, if he appears disinterested in other women now and does anything he can to spend as much time as possible with you, this is a clear indicator that he likes you. When a Gemini man has a crush, he will want to know you on a much deeper level and ask many questions to get to know you.

3. He will give you random gifts

When a Gemini man has feelings for a woman, he loves to give little gifts here and there. It might be something subtle, like your favourite chocolate bar, a book he likes and is now recommending to you to read or something you mentioned you were looking for, and he found it whilst he was out and about.

Gemini men are excellent gift-givers to their friends and family, so if he likes you, you will enjoy this added benefit of knowing a Gemini.

As time goes on and the relationship deepens, the gifts will become more thoughtful and unique. He will recall whether you mentioned enjoying a particular fragrance, book, or television show and go out of his way to show that he understands your tastes. Gemini men frequently have a variety of artistic abilities, and they may make some of the gifts he gives you himself.

If a Gemini man isn't emotionally interested in you, then you won’t get any gifts from him, so if you have been receiving small gifts, then there is a high chance he likes you

4. He is in contact with you daily

Gemini males are very independent. Therefore if he spends the entire day chatting to you, whether it’s via text, phone calls or social media, it's a positive indicator that he's interested in you.

The best sign of them all is that if he calls your phone out of the blue merely to talk or makes up a random excuse to speak, like an invented problem he’s having and needs your help with, you know that he’s interested.

If you're naturally more shy or introverted, this may feel overpowering but try to see the regular contact for what it is: an indication that he likes you.

Look for the clues. If he is messaging you and asking how your day went or other aspects of your life, and there is a natural ongoing messaging flow that then moves into more intimate topics, he is most certainly feeling something for you.

In relationships, Gemini men don't hold back. He'll chat to you a lot if he wants to talk to you.

5. He wants to spend more time than usual with you

When a Gemini man falls in love, he can't stay away for long. He wants to spend every waking moment with you, and he will make arrangements to be at your side. It might be subtle if you’re not dating yet or in a relationship, like going for a random drive, giving you lifts, bumping into him at the park where you end up hanging out chatting for a while unexpectedly. He might be more forward and invite you for a night out on the town or a nice night playing games at home. There will be plenty of spice, romance and adventure. A Gemini man's weakness when he has a crush is trying to spend too much time with the woman he likes. He just can't get enough. So enjoy the chase and revel in his affection!

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6. He lavishes you with flattery

If you notice that a Gemini man is frequently complimenting you, it suggests that yes, he does have feelings for you. Notice his behaviour towards other women; is he complimenting them just as much? Or is it just you? A Gemini man in love will lavish you with sincere praises. It might be about how you dress, your view of the world, how you behave, or something else.When he compliments you, do you find yourself blushing and beaming from ear to ear? That is exactly what he desires.

7. He Invites You on adventures

A Gemini man who has a crush is confident enough to ask a woman out, even if it appears to be just as friends. However, he secretly probably sees it as a date. Gemini men are adventurous and enjoy doing things out of the ordinary. Rather than be too obvious, it might be something like hiking or rock climbing or visiting a museum together. If he is exhibiting the other signs mentioned in this post, he is likely thinking of this as a date.

8. He appreciates your creativity and intelligence

As mentioned before, when a Gemini man likes a woman, he will compliment her in many ways; specifically, he will notice your creativity and intelligence. There is nothing more alluring to a Gemini man than an intelligent woman. If he comments about the way you speak, the way you write, or your other creative abilities, it is a clear indication that he has noticed your brilliance and appreciates it. And you can be sure about this if he brags about your brains and intellectual abilities to others.

9. He concentrates on you

Geminis are known to be the air signs in the zodiac, which means that they have their head in the clouds, and their thoughts are always jumping from one to the next. Therefore, they can struggle to stay focused on one thing at a time; however, if a Gemini man gives you his uninterrupted attention, especially in a crowded place and doesn’t notice anything else, this is an excellent sign that he likes you. If he doesn’t notice other women walking past, you can rest assured that he only has eyes for you because a Gemini man will become blind to the rest of the world once he is attracted to someone. This is a definite sign that he has finally found the one who has captured his heart.

10. Meaningful conversations

How can a Gemini man communicate his feelings for his partner? One method is to engage in deep, meaningful talks.

Geminis love to chat and will chat to anyone about anything. They can have surface level conversations easily. However, he will only have deeper meaningful personal interactions with those he cares about.

Even some of his closest friends could be unaware of the inner workings of a Gemini man. Considering how friendly and outgoing he is, he can also be a very private man when it comes to his feelings.

If he starts talking more seriously and brings up memories and moments from his childhood, respect it for what it is and make sure you listen to him. He doesn't provide profound details about himself to just anyone.

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So there you have it, 10 hidden signs a Gemini man likes you. Have you ever met a Gemini man who exhibited any of these signs? He most likely has his eyes on you if that's the case! Let us know about your experiences in the comments area.

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