Men born under the sign of Cancer show confusing signals when it comes to dating and love. Because they are naturally shy, the signs they showcase are a lot more subtle than the other zodiac signs. Thats why we took the time to put together this video to clear any confusion surrounding whether or not a cancer man likes you. If you are not sure whether a Cancer man in your life likes you or not then this video is for you. I’m going to share 10 signs that a cancer man likes you. Let us know in the comments below which signs he’s showing you right now

1. When a Cancer man falls in love, he becomes shy and anxious.

Men who have a crush on a woman are rarely timid around them. Whereas some zodiacs act like a dog on heat around a woman, when it comes to a Cancer man, he becomes shy, and insecure making it hard to know whether or not he likes you.

He may appear alright at first, but as he gets feelings, he becomes awkward. It will take some time to emerge from his shell fully. In the beginning, he'll flirt, then flee and hide. This might feel perplexing; he's merely trying to protect his feelings.

The early indicators that a Cancer man is flirting with you may appear to be straight out of a romantic comedy film. He'll try to be slick, stumble over his words, appear awkward, and then go back to being bashful.Watch how he acts around his friends and family, if he is struggling to showcase his full personality around you, this is a sign that he probably has a crush on you.

2. He wants to spend more quality time with you.

Cancer men value quality time with their friends and family above all else so when they have a crush or genuine love for a woman, they will do whatever it takes to spend more time with them. Although he may be acting shy and withdrawn, this still won’t stop him. So if he is acting, what you might believe as strange, but still trying to invite you out then you can take the hint that he probably likes you. Cancer is the most romantic sign of the zodiac. If he manages to push through his fears and musters up the courage to ask for on a date, expect to be wined and dined and treated like a queen. They are the old school romantics and take the gentleman role very seriously.

3. He showers you with compliments

Cancer men are naturally thoughtful and very perceptive. They will notice small details about you and compliment you when they are impressed by your personality or the actions you take. They specifically admire creative talents, therefore, make sure you share your creative projects with the Cancer man.

4. He Enquires About Your Relatives

Remember, Cancer is the sign of home and family, and Cancer males adore their own families. Family is an important part of their life, therefore not only will he will want to know more about you as a person, he will also want to know all about your family and your relationship with your family.

Make sure you correctly articulate your opinions, a Cancer man will form opinions depending on how you discuss family. If your family ties aren't the best, try to focus on the positives.

If you notice a lot of questions from a Cancer man about your family, this is his way of attempting to build a stronger relationship with you. He's curious about your past, your family's background, including your ancestors and heritage, to get to know you better.

5. He pays for your things

When a Cancer man is trying to impress a woman, being the old school romantic that he is, whether you have gone for casual coffee, or for a date, he will want to pick up the bill and show you how much of a gentleman he is. If you haven’t reached that stage yet, it might be as subtle as him buying you your favorite chocolate bar. He’s showing you that you’re on his mind and he’s thinking about you.

6. He Shows His Emotions

The Cancer sign is well known for being highly emotional. The Cancer man is more sensitive and fragile than the other zodiac men. He'll begin to express his emotions more openly when he likes you. It's won’t be only about his feelings for you and the relationship, he'll also express how he feels about everything.

You’ll start to notice how everything elicits intense emotional responses in him. You may be surprised at how he articulates his feelings of subjects that seem womewhat mundane, like with how he feels about the weather. Or how he describes what he’s eating with such passion and enthusiasm, or disgust, if it didn’t taste so good. Let’s hope it’s not your cooking he is disgusted with.

Everything in life is an extreme emotional experience for a Cancer

7.He’s always Texting You

When a Cancer man is truly interested in you, he will tell you. He'll find excuses to text you every day, perhaps more frequently than you'd expect. He'll send a good morning text and a check-in text in the afternoon.

He'll send you photographs of his food, and as mentioned before, let you know the verdict of his experience with the food. If he has pets, you will get some sweet pet pics, and jokes to make your day a bit brighter. You might think he's going a little too far at times, however he's just attempting to brighten your day while also keeping you thinking about him.

8.He's always staring at you.

When a Cancer man has a crush, as mentioned before, he becomes shy, anxious and insecure and a nervous wreck. His shyness makes it difficult for him to approach a lady he likes.

You might make eye contact when you catch him staring at you and he won’t be able to look away. He is likely in his mind planning how to come over and talk to you, or just admiring your beauty. Your friends might notice him staring at you too when you don’t.However I will add a warning here. If you don't know this guy and he is always staring at you. Be careful, he could actually just be a creep.

9.He is a sweetheart.

Each zodiac sign has its method of expressing love, and touch is an important part of Cancer's emotional expression. It’s their way of increasing the emotional connection with the people they care most about. If you are now dating, or already in a relationship, the Cancer man will express his affection with hugs, kisses and hand holding. If you haven’t quite got to that stage yet, notice if he gently touches your back whilst he leans in to talk to you, or touches your brushes your arm of hand as you both pass. Not only can he not take his eyes off the woman he loves, he also can't keep his hands off either and wants to be in close physical touch with her all of the time. It’s their way of increasing their emotional connection with you.

10. He stands up for you

When a Cancer man takes your side in arguments or disputes, even if you’re wrong, this is a clear indicator that he cares about you. Cancer men are very protective of the people who are important in their lives. He will always be there for them, and if he has his eye on you then he will be by your side fighting your battles. Team work makes the dream work is a motto Cancer men live by.

So, there we have it, these are the top 10 sings that a cancer man likes you. Do you have a Cancer man in your life showcasing any of these signs? If so which ones? Let us know in the comment section below. If you enjoyed watching the video, give us a thumbs-up, and don't forget to share this video with your cancer friends. Thank you for watching the video!

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