Have you met a hot Virgo and hoping to tap that, well with a Virgo's reserved nature, they may leave people at a guess, but there are some simple signs that may help reveal the truth.

In this post, I will reveal the 10 telltale signs to figure out if your hot cake Virgo crush is up for getting down and dirty with you.

But before that, let me know what your star sign is in the comments below and if you have been eyeing up a Virgo…

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10. They reach out and communicate more

If they think you are a tasty snack, you can expect a Virgo to ramp up their texting. I’ll be real with you, Virgos are the zodiac's workaholics, they want to be active and productive. Unless someone really tickles their pickle, they are going to be mostly reserved and closed off. They are some of the most introverted people you will ever meet.

However, if they are down for some funny business, they will make the effort to slide into their DM’s and share aubergine emojis. So, if you're not sure if a Virgo likes you, just look out at their communication patterns or reach out to them first. Who in their right mind will turn down that aubergine emoji?

If they leave you on read or recoil faster than a deflated balloon, then it's safe to assume they are not that into you.

9. They break their routine for you

Virgos are creatures of habit, so if they suddenly decide to do something that’s not on their schedule for you, it means they really, really like you.

So to test this, you should take the initiative and invite them out somewhere. If you are want to get straight into their pantaloons, then a simple Netflix n chill message should do the trick, however if you want to create some excitement and play the longer game, you could start with a cheeky coffee and play footsie under the table. If you can get them to break their routine for you, it’s a sure sign that they want to sleep with you.

It’s like a mating ritual for Virgos – if you can get them to abandon their normal lifestyle for you, then you’re well on your way to having your wicked way with them.

8. They make themselves look good

Virgos are not known for their vanity. They just don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how they look. But if they suddenly start putting more effort into their appearance, it could well mean that they are attracted to you.

Notice whether, if it's a female Virgo, they start wearing more makeup, shorter skirts, low cut tops or their hair looks fleek. Or if a male, their Sunday best, well groomed hair or more manfume. They will try to be as presentable as possible.

So, if they’re making an effort to look good for you, then it’s a hint that they want a beef injection.

7. They come out of their comfort zone

Hormones are powerful ammunition, when a Virgo is feeling it, they will get out of their comfort zone just to impress you or spend time with you. This Is a sure sign that you are clearly someone special in their life. Leaving their comfort zone for you means they are ready to make you scream, so it’s a big sign!

Getting out of their comfort zone can include going to a new area of town, trying a new dish from their favorite restaurant, or going to meet your friends. Virgos are introverts, so all these tasks are quite energy-draining for them. But if they do any of these for you, it is clear how much they like you!

6. Can’t help but look at you.

I know I know, when you look as good as you then how can they not look at you. Virgos are shy people by nature, if they are looking at you, it means they know what they want and they are not nervous about holding your gaze.

If a Virgo looks in your direction for a long time, then chances are that he or she is attracted to you. It is also their subtle way of flirting with their eyes.

So, when they do this, you should definitely give them a chance!

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5. Keep putting themselves in your physical vicinity

If you ever notice that a Virgo keeps ending up in your vicinity, it means that they want to sleep with you.

Their gestures will never be subtle, so you will be able to notice them. For example, they might come to your office to say hello, or plan to go to the same event you are going to. They will always want to be exactly where you are.

So, if a Virgo is trying to stay around you all the time, it is a clear sign they want to hook up with you!

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4. Shy around you

Virgos are normally very confident people, so if they suddenly become shy around you, it means they like you.

In the same way that many people believe in reading a person's body language to tell if they're attracted, you can use Virgos' body language to tell whether they like you.

When a Virgo is shy around you, they may slouch their body, get nervous while talking to you or talk too fast. They might also adjust their clothes or hair or fiddle with something in their hands. If you notice these signs, it means they are secretly crushing on you!

3. Pursue only you

Virgos are very analytical people, and they will not pursue someone who does not interest them. They are very cautious in their love life, so they will not put up with anything less than their own high standards.

They will hesitate to make a move if the other person is not their perfect match. This is why if a Virgo pursues you, it means they have made up their mind and have chosen you to be their partner.

It clearly means they want to sleep with you or have a serious relationship with you. So, if you are interested, we say you go for it and make the first move!

2. Becomes bossy or overprotective

The Virgo sign is a symbol of intelligence and modesty. This sign is known for being very organized, meticulous, and a perfectionist.

However, if they suddenly become bossy and overprotective, this means that they want to sleep with you!

They will want to protect you and make sure that no harm comes to you. Even without knowing, they will switch to a bossy personality when they sense you need a little more protection.

If this happens, do not take their bossy behavior the wrong way. It just means they really care about you and are interested in you.

1. Remembers the details to impress you

Virgos are detail-oriented. They like to notice tiny details about something or even someone. So, if they want to sleep with someone, they use these skills to impress them.

They know that people feel most important when someone remembers small things about them. So a Virgo always impresses their crush by recalling their small details. It is their trick to make the other person amused and attracted to them.

For example, they will remember your favorite restaurant, your favorite go-to meal, or even your favorite coffee flavor. They might also remember tiny details of your routine.

If any such thing happens, you should know they are trying to sleep with you and they SECRETLY likes you.

So, guys, these were the 10 clear signs a Virgo wants to sleep with you!

Does your Virgo crush give off any of these hints? Are there any other signs that make you think they are interested in you? Let us know in the comment section below and don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

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