Bow chick a wow wow, have you got your beady eyes on a Taurus and hoping to indulge in some fornication with them but you’re unsure whether they are up for some bedroom rodeo?

Well, don’t worry, I got your back, I’m here to reveal the 10 most common signs that a Taurus wants to sleep with you and if a Taurus SECRETLY likes you.

You might want to consider playing the long game with them and taking them out on a date or sending them an icebreaker because they could be someone more than just a shag. Taurus people aren’t typically into one off sexual encounters, they tend to prefer something more substantial

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10. Stares at you with intensity and desire

A visit from the eyes of a Taurus is as good as verbal flirting. They are sensual creatures, and they like to explore every inch of their lovers’ bodies.

So, if a Taurus is interested in sleeping with you, they will stare at you with intense and desire-filled eyes while you are talking or while you are eating, just make sure you're being elegant whilst they watch in admiration.

They will listen to you, but you will notice that they are paying more attention to their staring part. Even though they don’t want you to notice they are doing this, you will catch them often.

9. Invites you to their favorite places

If you get a saucy invite somewhere to a place deemed as a favorite of the tantalizing Taurus, such as their favorite restaurant, their favorite bar or if you're jumping straight to it, their favorite hotel. Hubba hubba ding dong. Then you can take this as a sure sign they want to play hide the sausage with you. They might want to know what your favorite places are too so they can merge your favorites together and might start asking if you want to do things together, like getting the groceries, eating lunch, or going for a walk. It is their way to get closer to you and one step ahead in your relationship.

8. Gets territorial

Like a dog protecting it’s pack, a Taurus will become territorial and possessive if another person is getting too close to their crush. They start to act weird and make territorial gestures to repel away the other person from their crush.

You will sense jealousy in their tone or behavior. You will also notice they become uncomfortable and try to shift restlessly in their place if someone gets frank with you.

If a Taurus is anything like this, it is one of the clear signs they want to sleep with you!

7. Flirty and full of compliments

Taureans are known for their occasional flirting skill and romantic honesty. They can be quite flirtatious with certain people. But when it comes to a serious relationship, they will bare their heart and soul to you without any compliments or hesitation.

When they want to sleep with someone, their flirtatious remarks are filled with a lot of honest compliments, unlike the other signs, they aren’t the type to just send those aubergine emojis. They want to make sure their favorite person feels good about themselves.

It is their way of making you like them and getting you to sleep with them.

For example, if you ask a Taurus how you look, they will say things like "I love your hair" or "You are so beautiful." And if they are really, really interested in you, this will be followed by a butt grab or a cheeky kiss.

6. Becomes More Confident around you

Taureans are known for being very confident people in general, but when they are around someone they are attracted to, they are even more confident.

They are sure of themselves because they want them to see how confident they truly are.

For example, if a Taurus wants to plow you, they will not shy away from making the first move. They will not hesitate in boldly asking you to go on a date. They will not even hesitate to invite you over to their home.

Their straightforwardness will be proof they really want to sleep with you!

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5. Makes Expensive Gestures

If a Taurus is attracted to you, they won’t hesitate to whip out their credit cards and make expensive gestures, like giving you an expensive gift or taking you to a place you have always wanted to go to. They will also surprise you with expensive dates.

It is their way to make sure you know they can take care of you. They will try their best to impress you because deep down inside, they want you to know that they want to sleep with you.

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4. Changes the routine for you

If you are in a relationship with a Taurus and they want to sleep with you, they will change their routine for you.

They don’t like change, especially when it comes to their routine. But if a Taurus wants you to be a part of their life and has genuine feelings for you, they will not mind molding their schedule.

They might go to bed earlier so that they can wake up earlier and spend more time with you. They might cancel important appointments just to meet with you. These are huge signals they want to have something more!

3. You will see their romantic side

A Taurus will show you their romantic side, which is another sign that they want to sleep with you. They will show you that they want to be with you, and they will want you to be happy. They will do anything in their power to do this.

If it’s the case, they will sweep you off your feet. They will take you on romantic dates, come up with sweet presents, and leave you cute messages. These will be the little things that will show their true feelings toward you!

2. Touches Your Skin – A Lot

A Taurus who wants to sleep with you will want to feel your skin on theirs and do that as often as possible.

They will touch your skin when they are around you. They will want to feel your hands on them and will hold them when you are out and about.

They will also want to put their arm around you, and they will want to show you that they are there for you. It is their way of seducing you and making you attracted to them too!

1. Tries Silly Tricks To Get Noticed

If a Taurus wants to sleep with you, they will try silly tricks to get your attention.

They might spill something on you, or they might spill something on themselves. They might pick you up or cuddle with you in a fun way. They might even steal your favorite thing and tease you with it if they think that's what will get you to pay attention to them.

It is just their way of saying "please notice me." So, get the hint already!

So, guys, these were the 10 clear signs a Taurus wants to sleep with you! Now that you know these signs, you can easily figure out your crush’s intentions.

Is your partner a Taurus? How do you know they are interested in sleeping with you? Let us know in the comment section below and don't forget to subscribe to our channel!

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