Have you met a hot Capricorn and hoping to play hide the weasel with them? Capricorns are known for being shy at first, but when you rub a goat up the right way, there is no stopping them. They love being in control, and if they want to play bedroom rodeo with someone, they don’t hesitate to indulge in the game of cat and mouse

So, in this post, I’m going to show you how to catch their saucy hints and figure out if a Capricorn wants to stuff the muffin with you and if a Capricorn SECRETLY likes you.

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10. A little more open with you than normal

Capricorns are known for being closed off from people out of fear of being hurt again. So, it takes a lot for them to open up to someone, but if they are attracted to someone, they can suddenly open up a bit more. However if you do the initiating and show them that you're interested in them, then it can speed things up a bit.

If a Capricorn wants to play hide the weasel with you, you will notice them being a little more talkative, flirtatious and more open to sharing their feelings.

9. The work stops when there is an occasion

Capricorns are often criticized for not being workaholics or having a bad sense of urgency. They try to do their best to get their work done, and they can be really focused.

So focussed that you barely see them , but, when they are trying to please you, they stop working and make the effort for you. They try their best not to let you down, and they want to make sure you are happy.

If a Capricorn is making excuses to not go to work and suddenly wants to spend time with you when you have a free day, chances are they are trying to impress their way into bed with you.

8. Wants to know your plans ahead

Capricorns often plan their next day down to the last detail. They are very organized people, and they like to have things planned out. They like to be prepared for anything that might come their way.

If you are seeing a Capricorn, and they ask you for the details of your plans, no they are not just being nosy parkers, they are definitely interested in you.

Capricorns are very responsible people, and they want to be sure they can fit you into their schedule without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. If they know your plans ahead, they can better prepare for you to be around. It means they want to have fun with you behind closed doors.

7. Possessive about you

Capricorns are often not very possessive about the people in their lives. They are not the type of people who get jealous easily, and they are very secure.

But, if a Capricorn suddenly shows more possessiveness towards you, it means they like you and want more from you.

Most people are possessive about the things they own, and Capricorns feel the same way about people. If they want to sleep with you, they might also want to be protective of you. They might want to be there for you when you need someone, and they might want to know everything about you because they feel like you are part of them.

6. Keeps making eye contact

Capricorns are rarely ever caught off guard. They are the kind of people who rarely feel nervous.

But, when they are trying to impress you, they might get lost in your eyes. They might be caught off guard by an intense gaze, or they might try to hold your gaze longer than necessary just to show you they mean business.

If you want to make sure they are genuinely interested in sleeping with you, try to hold their gaze. If they look away, there’s nothing special there.

But if they keep looking into your eyes… It’s proven! The feelings are mutual!

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5. Compliments you frequently

Capricorns are very honest and straightforward people, but they still like to go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable with them.

When they want to impress you and sleep with you, they will often compliment you. They will go out of their way to make sure you know you are attractive or that you are amazing at what you do.

They might also give you gifts as a way to show you how amazing you are.

So, if your Capricorn crush compliments you too often, get the hint already!

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4. Creates opportunities to spend time with you

Capricorns are very busy people, and they never have enough time. But, when they want to sleep with you, they try to create opportunities to spend time with you. It is their way of building a stronger bond to get closer to you.

They might invite you to do something fun with them, or they might invite you over for dinner. They might also ask you how your day was or try to include you in their day-to-day activities. They might invite you to go to work with them, and they might suggest you spend time with their family.

3. Goes out of the way to touch you

Capricorns are very affectionate people in general, and they like to show love to their loved ones.

So, when they want to sleep with them, they don’t hesitate to show their affection. It means they won’t hesitate to touch you.

They might touch your hand when they are talking to you, or they might try to hold your hand. They might put their arm around your shoulder, or they might put their hand on your knee.

They might also try to get close to you in other ways, and they might put their leg against yours. These are all their ways of telling you they like you more than a friend!

2. Their body language is heightened

When a Capricorn wants to impress someone, they try to be more expressive. They also try to be more emotional when they are talking because they want to show that they care.

If you notice that a Capricorn uses hand gestures while talking to you, laughs at every joke, and expresses their emotions using every of their facial expression, it is likely they are interested in you and want to sleep with you!

1. Stands too close to you

Capricorns like their personal space, but when they want to sleep with you, they always try to stand as close as possible.

They try to get close to the person in ways, like touching your knee as you are talking with them or putting their leg against yours.

When a Capricorn is trying to make a move on you, you will notice that they are overly friendly. It is their way to show you how much they are into you. They will not hesitate to let you know they want you. You just have to understand their signals!

Now that you know about these, you can figure out if your Capricorn crush wants to sleep with you!

Are you eyeing a Capricorn? Do they give off any of these hints? Let us know in the comments section below and don't forget to subscribe to our channel!

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